Grenadier Guards: Escapers & Evaders

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    The information contained in this report is to be treated as MOST SECRET


    Captured: 10 May 1940
    Escaped: 3 December 1940

    Army Service: 5 years Regular, 2 years T.A.
    Peacetime Profession: College Servant, Queen’s College, OXFORD
    Private Address: 5 Wayside, Branston Heath, BURTON-ON-TRENT, Staffs.

    Left GIBRALTAR: 4 July 1941
    Arrived GLASGOW: 13 July 1941

    I was captured on 10 May 1940 on the ALBERT CANAL, BELGIUM. After capture we were marched through BRUSSELS and GHENT and eventually sent to a camp in LUXEMBOURG. There were about 50 British Prisoners of War in this Camp.

    I escaped from LUXEMBOURG on 3 December by climbing a 12 ft. wall surmounted by broken glass and spikes. I made my way back through BELGIUM and crossed into FRANCE near TOURNAI. I spent some time at CYSOING, LILLE and LENS, and was kept by a French family in GENECH for two months.

    I crossed the line of demarcation on the outskirts of TOURS on 6 March 1941 after two unsuccessful attempts.

    I reached MARSEILLES on 14 March and on 28 March crossed the PYRENEES.

    On 1 April the Spanish frontier police arrested me and I spent seven weeks in Concentration camps.

    INTERVIEWED by M.I.9 15 July 1941
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