Grandfather in law - 2190950 George John William SMITH, MiD, Royal Engineers

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    Hi all,

    Well after applying in August of last year, my Grandfather In Law's service records have arrived :D

    He was in the Royal Engineers, and it would appear that he worked as a stevedore, which would make sense as he was a docker before he joined up.

    A cursory glance reveals that he was part of the British Expeditionary Force, which we didn't know. Frustratingly, we knew that he was awarded a Mention In Dispatches but we didn't know what for. The service records state that it was for gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe, but aren't specific.

    I'd welcome any assistance as to where he was posted and what he may have done. There's a photo of him in a previous thread, here:

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    the remaining sheets...

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    Hello 2EastYorks,

    Looks like he signed up on 26 October 1939.

    Was with the BEF in France from 17 November 1939 to 26 June 1940. This suggests that he was not brought out through Dunkirk, which was mostly cleared by 2 June 1940, but probably further west (west of Bolougne). His service with the BEF was wholly with the 3rd and 2nd Stevedore Battalions, RE.

    His service was then home service - mainly training/trainer - until 9 June 1944 when he landed in NWE, being posted as a reinforcement to 998 PO Company, RE, then to 1018 PO Company, RE, from 15 June 1944; with which he stayed with until after VE Day.

    He was demobbed circa 11 January 1946.

    He started his service as a Sapper and was regularly promoted, reaching the rank of W/Sergeant.

    Medals include: 1939-45 Star, France/Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939/45.

    He was MiD - entry in the London Gazette #36994, Supplement 1555, on the 22 March 1945. His initials appear in the wrong order i.e. GJW instead of JGW. I have been trying to get a copy for you, but the gazette is proving difficult tonight...

    I will post again when able!


  4. Steve Mac

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    Here we go...

    Lt. S. C. M. Malenoir-Vickers (222703).
    Lt. D. E. S. McNaught (253.374).
    Lt. T. J. K. Meikle (190535).
    Lt. J. L. Metcalfe (299882).
    Lt. L. D. Nicholls (288198).
    Lt. G. P. Owens (288579).
    Lt. D. H. Pasfield (274915).
    Lt. M. G. Paterson (242.801).
    Lt. K. G. Payne (226939).
    Lt. J. Peacock (255906).
    Lt. A. Pounder (239199).
    Lt. A. M. Roberts (277799).
    Lt. E. W. Shaw (256837).
    Lt. J. S. Skinner (233373)-
    Lt. P. C. Smith (256916).
    Lt. W. F. Smith, A.R.I.B.A. (214395).
    Lt. F. H. Squires (2.81884).
    Lt. (Qr.-Mr.) G. W. Stokell (246420).
    Lt. C. M. Taylor (242260).
    Lt. L. G. S. Thomas (258927).
    Lt. C. R. Thompson (226297).
    Lt. G. E. A. Tinker (295489).
    Lt. C. G. Tomlinson (263380).
    Lt. (Qr.-Mr.) T. Tunnicliffe (244063).
    Lt. J. E. Wright {251025).
    Lt. (Qr.-Mr.) C. H. W. Yelland (254197).
    1867703 W.O.I J. P. Allingham.
    1862957 W.O.I W. Martin.
    2141499 W.O.I T. H. Mitchell.
    1^87668 W.O.I H. Sargent.
    1885550 W.O.I H. Tolfree.
    1^69108 W.O.I (actg.) L. W. G. Brown.
    4609730 W.O.I (actg.) R. D. Jessop.
    1^65904 W.O.II -D. Archibald.
    21971.86 W.O.H J. G. Armstrong.
    1908495 W.O.II H. Bamber.
    1863708 W.O.II T. Baldwin.
    1879732 W.O.II R. E. Bennett.
    3381305 W.O.II G. Braysford.
    1882880 W.O.II C. W. Harvey.
    3526636 W.O.II W. Hayes.
    1863926 W.O.H W. C. Hazlewood.
    1.868061 W.O.II R. Hinton.
    1985381 W.O.H R. H. Jones.
    2186521 W.O.II J. B. Putt, M.M.
    1928168 W.O.II L. E. R. Radford.
    7876203 W.O.II C. W. Rolph.
    1985095 W.O.II A. Stephenson.
    2027553 W.O.II K. C. Vowles.
    1787600 W.O.II J. Walsh.
    2002612 W.O.II J. Whittaker.
    2077759 W.O.II (actg.) W. Fowler.
    1879686 W.O.II (actg.) G. A. Mathieson.
    2197060 W.O.II (actg.) A. E. Newcombe.
    2077050 W.O.II (actg.) W. D. Wood.
    1921252 S.-Sergt. E. Aldred.
    1874022 S.-Sergt. T. Beall.
    1896165 S.-Sergt. W. G. Cruikshank.
    1921941 S.-Sergt. F. W. G. Gallop.
    1871873 S.-Sergt. B. Huggins.
    1895477 S.-Sergt. J. Hughes.
    1888644 S.-Sergt. E. Isherwood.
    1881837 S.-Sergt. E. R. Lodge.
    1953817 S.-Sergt. W. D. Pearce.
    1859404 S.-Sergt. F. P. Poole.
    2128204 S.-Sergt. D. A. Ross.
    1910598 S.-Sergt. C. R. Wampach.
    6666073 S.-Sergt. W. F. Waterman.
    1947333 S.-Sergt. (actg.) P. Craven.
    2013266 Sergt. J. Allmond.
    4185313 Sergt. D. A. Anthony.
    540670 Sergt. E. Atkins.
    1910797 Sergt. A. Barnwell.
    I55I9°7 Sergt. D. R. Bates.
    1942364 Sergt. L. Blake.

    2115603 Sergt. N. Calvert.
    2036902 Sergt. W. R. C. Carter.
    1917164 Sergt. W. E. Creer.
    2078969 Sergt. J. G. Davies.
    1867007 Sergt. A. J. Dickenson.
    2015948 Sergt. C. J. Dixon-Cave.
    1946287 Sergt. J. H. Fenwick.
    1904290 Sergt. S. W. Grove.
    2199574 Sexgt. G. V. B. Harris.
    2030763 Sergt. A. J. Henaughan.
    1874117 Sergt. E. V. Hext.
    4681029 Sergt. F. E. Hudson.
    2562506 Sergt. C. S. James.
    1870557 Sergt. C. S. Jones.
    2195804 Sergt. L. Kilsby.
    1890632 Sergt. A. Kilvington.
    4603539 Sergt. C. J. King.

    2014323 Sergt. P. Knight.
    2093652 Sergt. J. Lamb.

    2185133 Sergt. R. Lawson.
    1918230 Sergt. A. A. Manser.
    2144750 Sergt. G. R. Mirneld.
    1888825 Sergt. H. Mitchell.
    2147712 Seigt. R. A. Munday.
    1879779 Sergt. F. M. Nutley.
    1867483 Sergt. A. J. Parsons.
    2016304 Sergt. R. Pattmson.
    2033045 Sergt. W. Poole.
    2014019 Sergt. M. F. Rae.
    1870097 Sergt. W. J. Reade.
    1894295 Sergt. E. A. Saunders.
    1866148 Sergt. T. W. Shells.
    2190950 Sergt. G. J. W. Smith.
    198053 Sergt. E. J. C. Stroud.
    1987359 Sergt. L. F. Theedom.
    2124238 Sergt. F. G. Taylor.
    14231098 Sergt. E. W. 'full
    2075301 Sergt. J. L. Tutt.
    1889601 Sergt. J. Walker.
    2000915 Sergt E. White.
    1923888 Sergt. |. E. White.
    2128723 Sergt. A. T. Williams.
    1885395 Sergt. V. A. Williams.
    2116473 Sergt. R. Wilson.
    2046854 Sergt. G. C. Woolgar.
    *9ioo78 Sergt. J. Worley.
    1872996 Sergt. J. R. Young.
    2119702 Sergt. (actg.) H. D. Alden.
    2153359 Sergt. (actg.) R. Allen.
    5336316 Sergt. (actg.) G. Andrews.
    1889702 Sergt. (actg.) J. Ashton.
    2364536 Sergt. (actg.) D. W. Divall.
    847838 Sergt. (actg.) S. Santwris.
    2093603 Lee.-Sergt. J. F. Auden.
    14259771 Lee.-Sergt. W. N. Benford.
    r899873 Lee.-Sergt. H. Brown.
    ^875324 Lee.-Sergt. H. R. Brown.
    1943445 Lee.-Sergt. F. Callinan.
    2079484 Lee.-Sergt. H. L. Cleaver.
    1940941 Lee.-Sergt. W. G. Dahl.
    1942547 Lce.-Sergt. T. W. Davey.
    1889430 Lce.-Sergt. W. Edgeler.

    I99I456 Lce.-Sergt. V. J. Evans.
    6029592 Lce.-Sergt. A. A. Feltham.
    1888554 Lce.-Sergt. H. V. Flynn.

    2130991 Lce.-Sergt. W. F. Franks.
    1886347 Lce.-Sergt. P. Gallagher.
    1872529 Lce.Sergt. E. Geor,ge (killed in action).

    I9°3474 Lce.-Sergt. H. J. Howe.
    2007170 Lce.-Sergt. W. L. Jones.
    I9I3345 Lce.iSergt. R. S. Kell.

    2125373 Lce.-Sergt.G. R. Laidlaw.

    1887982 Lce.-Sergt. F. Lloyd.
    2068395 Lce.-Sergt. J. F. Martin.

    21118509 Lce.-Sergt. J. W. McShee.
    1983884 Lce.-Sergt. T. L. Mercy.
    1896452 Lce.-Sergt. W. A. Morton.
    4980710 Lce.-Sergt. K. W. Pretty'.
    6079034 Lce.-Sergt. C. A. Quartermaine.
    2134601 Lce.-Sergt. O. W. Smith.
    2135279 Lce.-Sergt. A. Strang.
    1870434 Lce.-Sergt. B. Sussex.
    2140830 Lce.-Sergt. L. Thompson.
    1886746 Lce.-Sergt. N. F. Trigg.
    2189691 Lce.-Sergt. D. P. Tunley.
    1888843 Lce.-Sergt. T. C. Vye.
    2068995 Lce.-Sergt. C. E. Williams.
    6150549 Lce.-Sergt. W. F. Williams.
    1881321 Lce.-Sergt. J. Windeatt.
    2125276 Lce.-Sergt. C. Wright.
    2083451 Corpl. D. Beardmore.
    2138212 Corpl. J. M. Beattie.
    2137411 Corpl. D. P. Boom.
    3772857 Cbrpl. E. Brady.
    1949267 Corpl. J. S. Brunning.
    2118769 Corpl. T. Buchan.
    1918829 Conpl. E. F. Cole (killed in aqtion).
    1991747 Corpl. J. Connah.
    1865374 Corpl. W. J. C. Donoghue.
    1916406 Corpl. F. J. Facer.
    7047949 Corpl. M. J. Farrell.
    1863841 Corpl. W. Field.
    2013335 Corpl. F. G. L. Ford.
    2118604 Corpl. D. L. Graham.
    2013458 Corpl. J. W. Gray.
    1540796 Corpl. H. J. Hughes.
    1909932 Corpl. J. H. Kay.
    1906942 Corpl. J. Lennon.
    1991947 Corpl. C. J. Lowe.
    2132104 Corpl. W. F. Maskell.
    2156527 Corpl. B. Rutland.
    2122735 Corpl. P. R. Slade.
    6149444 Corpl. K. R. Sparke.
    2181925 Corpl. A. Stevenson.

    1898789 Corpl. F. Sunderland.


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    Brilliant stuff Steve, many thanks!
  6. Drew5233

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    Someone mention the BEF ? :D

    There are 4 war diaries for those two units in France during 1939/40.

    2 Stevedore Bn. Oct 39 to June 1940

    3 Stevedore Bn. Oct 39 to June 1940

    3 Stevedore Bn. 2 Coy Sept to Dec 39

    3 Stevedore Bn. 3 Coy Sept to Nov 39

    3 Stevedore Bn. 4 Coy Sept to Nov 39

    Unfortunately I can't tell you much more as I still haven't unpacked my books, but I should have some info on them, the diaries will hold the real detail though.

    My internet access doesn't allow me to upload those docs (I'm still waiting for broadband) but if he left France that late he would have left from the West or the South of France. Whats his name? His MiD citation maybe online.

  7. Wills

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    A.M.P.C - Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps.

    TN (Mechanical Equipment)TC Longmoor courses in railway handling Longmoor was the Military Railway Training (Instructional) Transportation Centre. Railway gone now the area is a training area.


    W/Sergeant - War Substantive.

    Part II order 1I1/46 - RERO -Royal Engineers Records Office Directive II - Commander in Chief's Certificate of Good Service.

    Neglect of Duty 3/12/44 - Award - Severe Reprimand by OC 4/12/44 - Looks like the classic good night in the mess! The morning arriving before he was ready!


    Sheet 2 - Granted leave with SLR - Subsistence (allowance) at Local Rate. This is paid as he is not being fed by his unit whilst on leave.

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