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    Found No. 3 IBGH in Poona.

    Extracted from: Burma Star Association - Ivy Pritchard's Story
    The following day we were told to pack and be ready to embark on to a boat called The City of Paris to travel to ? Bombay. We did arrive there eventually, still clad in our grey suits, which we discarded as soon as possible when we arrived at our final destination – the No 3 Indian British General Hospital in Poona. This hospital was purpose-built; a very large, lofty building, spacious and cool with huge fans and spaces in the walls – no windows as such. It was much like a barracks.

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    thanks for the help all :) I will keep looking.

    on a nice front - an unexpected box turned up at my fathers a couple of days ago, an aunt having a sort out - little known to the rest of the family it contained some old bits and pieces that no one had seen before form my grandmothers.

    amongst it some stuff form my grandfathers time in india.

    the photos are taken by my dad who is terrible with technology so blurred ... but give an idea of som of the bits and pieces .... i hope to take some in focus ones and have a look at them when i go to visit at christmas but fo now ...

    there is a diary my GF kept whilst in transit from liverpool to bombay - now i know ho was in convoy WS14(b) on ship the Reina del Pacifico, the front page lists the 6 ships that went to bombay when the convoy split with the escort the 'devonshire' i think all this unknown to me before. i have only seen a couple of entries in the diary in very blurred photos but could be interesting.

    there is his what i think was his meal cards for the ship with deck section table and seat number.

    some lovely drawings he did and sent home as christmas and birthday cards - not sure how they sent them ?
    along side being beautiful sketches - it gives his Squadron on each one and a date so i can trace movements a little better now - a bit of info i have been looking for but had resigned myself to not finding as not on his service records.

    there are said to be lots of photos and some indian ink drawings of troops that he did - haven't seen these yet.

    there is also some papers relating to his time in europe as pert of the BAOR at 54th holding unit and then Northamptonshire Yeomanry.

    what else i shall find out over the next few weeks.

    have attached a few very very poor pics - apologies - not my camera work

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    Hi all.

    Over the last couple of days have been able to look at some of the stuff that unexpectedly turned up re my GF services.

    Have attached one of the photos and just wondered if my one could tell me what the badges were on his sleeve.

    I know he was a corporal. And was in 146 RAC .. the tank badge I thought RTR. Not too sure about the others.

    many thanks
    James 42667782-87D9-4D3C-A3C1-9DD05EAF8B70.jpeg
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    The “inverted chevrons” on his right wrist are overseas service chevrons - also used during WW1 and reintroduced in 1944. He appears to have 5 chevrons.

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    Thank you
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    anyone any ideas about the 2 dark triangles, one inverted on the other on the shoulder ? can't find it anywhere
    thanks :)
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    That's the tank brigade patch/badge I think, but I can't recall which one.

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    Well done for obtaining your Grand-dad's records and publishing them here.

    I too have published my own records here: Ron's Army Records | WW2Talk
    and found them of great use in confirming dartes.

    Best regards

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    Not my area but a bit of googling re the shoulder badges gives these results, links provided..... would take as a starter to confirm / deny rather than the definitive answer!

    Tank shaped image....... variously described as Royal Tank Regiment and / or Tank Crew badge

    Two inverted chevrons...... with B&W photo can't tell if the chevrons are coloured, but the only one I can find is this on the IWM website with black and green triangles.... states its the formation badge of the 33rd Army Tank Brigade and 33rd Armoured Brigade.
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    wibs12 is right here, the triangles are called diablos and this style of insignia was adopted for Armoured and Tank Brigades. There are several examples of these with a mixture of colours, the black and white image makes it difficult to be certain which one is depicted. Apart from the one already mentioned from the IWM website, you also have:

    21st Army Tank Brigade: 2 yellow diablos
    23rd Army Tank Brigade: 2 green
    24th Army Tank Brigade: 2 blue

    35th Army Tank Brigade: brown and green
    36th Tank Brigade: red and black.
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    If you have not already found this thread on Deolali, then it will add some more detail about the camp for you.

    Base Reinforcement Camp, Deolali.
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    Amazing - Thank you ! This ties in perfectly. I though the picture was towards the end of his war, in the later part of 1945 and early 1946 he was sent in to Europe, part of the BAOR, first to 54th Holding Regiment then on to C Squadron 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry. He was only with them a matter of months but at this tome the 1st NY were part of 33rd Armoured Brigade.
    Thank you !
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    You have all been incredibly helpful in and I have learned so much from this forum so please forgive the questions, they are filling in blanks in my research and assisting my learning.

    I had another question relating to a recently discovered photo of my GF, I think taken later in his career an I was trying to put a rough date on it.

    He arrived back in the UK from India in May 1945 and was transferred to the RAC depot.
    He was then transferred to the 58th Training Regiment RAC on the 16th September 1945
    Then on the 24th October 1945 54th Reinforcement Holding Unit in Germany.
    From there on the 11th November 1945 he was transferred to ‘C’ Squadron, 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry returning back to the U.K. on the 31st January 1946.

    The picture I posted a couple of entries ago I think is of his time in the 1st NY as it has the 33rd Brigade badge which they were part of.

    This picture (below) does not have the badge of the 33rd brigade on the shoulder(as far as I can see), it appears to have regimental shoulder name badges/ strip, which are not in the post a few entries ago.
    He's is older in it so defiantly later in his war.
    Form the back drop its not in India or Burma so I would say so places it to his return to Europe after May 1945.
    He is waring the cap badge of the 9th Duke of Wellingtons Regiment. (which they were allowed to change back to in mid 1944 from the RAC fist and he was in form 1939 to 1945)
    He also appears to have medal strips on his chest ? If these are his WW2 medals when would these have been issued ? family rumour Is that he never requested any medals, on his service papers they were shown requested in 1986 by my grandmother.

    I guess my question is on his return from India whilst at the depot, 58th, 54th would he keep waring his 9th DWR badges/uniform.
    It appears form th previous photo he wore the 1st NY insignia whilst with them.
    Would the medal ribbons on the chest place it in the years after the war.

    Hope this makes sense.
    Many thanks once again

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    I can’t answer all your questions.

    The 1939/45 - originally 39/43 - Star and Africa Star were authorised in 1944 and medal ribbons issued to serving personnel.

    The remaining Stars and medals were authorised in mid 1945.

    The Official 1945 Statement regarding the British WW2 Campaign Stars and Defence Medal

    The medal ribbons were again speedily issued to men to wear on their tunics after the medals were authorised but the actual medal issue didn’t commence until 1946/47. I believe initially to still serving personnel.

    In 1948 advertisements were placed in the newspapers advising discharged personnel desirous of receiving medals to obtain an application action form from a Post Office and complete and submit it. Their claims would be checked and the medals issued. Not all personnel applied at the time and WW2 campaign medals continue to be issued.

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  15. JamesDrury

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    Thanks for that, great info and explains how he could be wearing the ribboned but never apply for the medals.
    Thank you
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    this one is a long shot I know but does anyone recognise anything in these photos that would help to place them. not much to go on I know and not the best quality but worth a try.

    I know my GP was in Poona, Kirkee, Dhond, Kedgaon and a few other places ...

    IMG_8211 copy.jpeg IMG_8211 copy 2.jpeg
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    Have just been given what I think is an identity bracelet belonging to my grandfather. Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 18.05.39.png
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    Hi all just wondering if anyone can give any pointers on the following entry - looks like a Tank Cmdrs O&C(?)' course at course at fighting vehicle school, Ahmednagar.
    What might the O&C be
    Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 13.23.11.png Many thanks for all the assistance.
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    Just had a quick question, may be a silly one.
    On my grandfathers service records it mentions place names a couple of times next to various occurrences.

    I have looked at the war diaries and the individual companies of the battalion are located at separate villages, though all within the same area.

    The place names given on his records match where the HQ company was located at the time.

    Just wondered if on a service record the HQ location was the given location for all companies, even though they may be a few miles away.

    many thanks for the advice :)

    Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 15.16.04.png

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