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  1. JamesDrury

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    Received my Grandfathers service records yesterday so just thought I’d post if anyone is interested. Still sifting through them ... thank goodness for the abbreviation list sent did notice one part has been ‘blacked out’ before they were sent to me... anyone any idea why this might be.

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  2. Owen

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    Moved your post from this thread
    what tank ?

    to the service records area of forum.
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  3. Tony56

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    Having played around with the image with the redacted entry the best I can come up with is that the first word looks like 'Forfeits'. That may indicate some form of indiscretion but, if that was the case, can't have been too bad as he didn't lose his rank.
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  4. JamesDrury

    JamesDrury Active Member

    oh great bit of work - thank you ... think it might be 'forfeits one days pay ........' may be ..
    wonder why blotted out if not that serious.

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  5. JamesDrury

    JamesDrury Active Member

    quick question - i notice that in the ranks there is W/Cpl and D/Cpl, what would the W and D be ?
  6. veronicad

    veronicad Well-Known Member

    James , I believe W/cpl to be a war substantive. A temporary rank whilst hostilities continued.
  7. JamesDrury

    JamesDrury Active Member

    thank you :)
  8. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Hoping to help others

    Just a bit of background.
    Quite an adventure travelling half way round the world including the most popular posting in India DEOLALI ( this camp had quite a reputation for people having psychological problems, Deolali tap).
    My uncle, as were many thousands, was posted there probably to acclimatise to the heat. He ended up in Burma.
    There is a theory that men tried to avoid going to the front lines by simulating psychological symptoms, not sure how true that is.
  9. JamesDrury

    JamesDrury Active Member

    Wow than you - am still trying to translate all the info on the record so any info like that is fab.
    I wonder if he was there on his way home due to psychological problems. He died when I was 3 but according to my father very rarely talked about his time there, just a few short stories. He apparently had nightmares for years afterwards.
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  10. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Hoping to help others

    I think it is true to say that Deolali was the largest Transit Camp in India, most people went through there either going into or out of that theatre of war.
    They were both traumatised to varying degrees and also suffered from the after effects of diseases like Malaria.
    Cant see anything on his record to suggest he was medically discharged to the contrary he was doing courses to further his promotion.
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  11. JamesDrury

    JamesDrury Active Member

    thank you
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  12. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Hoping to help others

    Unusual in my experience not to see EMBARKED in large letters but he suddenly appears in India with the 50th Indian Tank Brigade Leave Centre Calcutta 8.11.42 Ranchi (NW from Calcutta) 26.11 42
    18.3.43 Passed Trade Test Driver Operator Mustered with DE wef same date. I read this as he passed his test and became part of the Driver Echelon on this date. (anyone any other ideas on DE).
    The next date is in 1945 so he assumingly carried on in the same rank driving a tank.
    It would be worth you googling these places to see where they are and what they were doing there at this time.
    It is not very easy as most British Colonial History has disappeared in India but it worth a look. You might find some UK websites re British Colonial India.
    You can also perhaps research the 50th Indian Tank Brigade on line.
    Nothing like a bit of do it yourself to find things out.

    Good luck!
  13. JamesDrury

    JamesDrury Active Member

    Thanks for that, yes have been doing a fair bit of research already whilst I was waiting for the service records, I had his tracer cards which gave some info.

    As the records state he enlisted to the DWR on 16.10.39 - Halifax I think
    Was then sent to their infantry training centre, N04 at Brancepeth Castle, County Durham.
    Then up Glasgow and from their to Southend, Gillingham, Winchcomb, where they practice embarkation on mock ships on the village green, then on conversion infantry to an RAC regiment to Caterick and the 56 training regiment for mechanised training.

    Some of the battalion left for India from Liverpool in August 41 Arriving in Bombay in October 41.

    He remind in the uk on conversion with some other officers and NCO's of the battalion. he was married in wales in october 41 so may have been training there ? as his wife were both form Yorkshire and the family traveled to wales for the marriage.

    I think I read he left the UK on 2/3.12.41 ? and arrived in India sometime before 28.1.42 as he is listed as rejoining his regiment at Kirkee barracks neat Poona. (trying to find a possible ship for him now)

    After a few weeks, on 27.2.42 he was transferred to the 2nd Border Regiment who were in Poona, as a carrier driver with 9 other ranks ( found a couple of bits in their war diary re the transfer) he travels to Calcutta with them and they embarked on the ship SS Jaladurga bound somewhere secret but only made it as far as the Hoogly river before being called back. They then headed to Meerut where he left them and retransferred back to the 146th RAC.

    I have tracked their movements around India which is interesting - and some of the infantry regiments they trained with. There is a nice map in the war diary.

    Have also tracked his movements in to Burma

    He was made acting unpaid lance sergeant ? in May 44, then paid before reverting back to D/Cpl in Dec 44

    Sadly I was hoping the service records would give the squadron he served or hint to it as they worked independently alot of the time but alas no, or not as I have found yet.

    I think he retuned back to the UK on the 'Carthage' via gibraltar (not sure yet), was with the 58th training regiment before heading into Europe to the 54th Holding Unit, from there on to near Brunswick, to C Squadron of the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry.

    lots found out but lots more to go :)
    thank for all the info anyway, lots I don't understand in these records so its great to flesh them out with assistance from people with more knowledge and learn as I go, lots still to do and enjoying it all.
    thank you again :)
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  14. JamesDrury

    JamesDrury Active Member

    map form the diary i plotted against :)

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  15. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Hoping to help others

    Interesting looking at the map. These places crop up for all sorts of reasons.
    I have done a few studies of India for both my relatives who fought in Burma and neighbours whose family were soldiers who went there in the 1800's with the East India Company.
    They had to come back to this country in 1947 due to the partition and sectarian violence.
  16. JamesDrury

    JamesDrury Active Member

    Always interesting, I just finished researching my GGGrandfather who was in the Rifle Brigade from 1852 - 1888 and served in the Crimea then through the Indian mutiny in iIndia and Napal until 1867. many of the places I looked at then are cropping up again now, I guess it shows there longevity as a military centre. ... must say victorian service records are much easier to decode lol ...
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  17. JamesDrury

    JamesDrury Active Member

    hi all

    just wondering if anyone can shed light on these entries. i gather there for sickness and entry to a medical unit ?
    just wondering what:
    No4 B.M.N and No3 I.B.G.H ?? might stand for. have been through my list of abbreviations that came with the service records and can't see them, have had a good look on line and no joy - just wondering if anyone with more knowledge can point in the right direction.

    many thanks :)

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  18. JamesDrury

    JamesDrury Active Member

    .... found one..

    No3 Indian Base General Hospital at Poona :)
  19. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    The writing's bad No. 4 BMN is actually No.4 BMH (British Military Hospital). I've seen IBGH as Indian British General Hospital, but no expert on this.

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  20. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member


    Your B M N is actually B M H = British Military Hospital. Sorry can’t help with location of No 4 BMH.

    I B G H might mean Indian Base General Hospital?


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