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  1. Paul Reed

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    This is a really excellent thread!

    Isn't there some sort of Google Earth community? Can't we draw something up for WW2? If so, how!?
  2. jacobtowne

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    Shipwrecks on the west coast of Iwo Jima just north of Mt. Suribachi.


  3. Peter Clare

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    I agree, an excellent thread, but what if this had been available in WWII ?
  4. Kitty

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    Would be like throwing darts at a board.

    Okay, here are my two piccies, but i forgot the coordinates. I can go back and get them if you want.

    The Derwent Dam
    View attachment 633

    And the Howden Dam above it.
    View attachment 634
  5. Paul Reed

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    Reichswald Forest war Cemetery:

    51°44'29.04"N 6° 5'7.63"E

    Oosterbeek War Cemetery

    51°59'38.06"N 5°50'56.29"E
  6. von Poop

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    Isn't there some sort of Google Earth community? Can't we draw something up for WW2? If so, how!?
    There's a few dedicated communities for ww2 but I've not been that impressed, they're either plain wrong in the coords, doubtful on the history or very very very specific, you can download overlays to show entire bunker systems in Russia, HAA sites in the UK, etc. etc. but they are very fiddly.
    I'm sure I've seen a defence of Britain project set a while back but the site seems to have gone now.:confused:
    I've got a feeling giving coords is going to become standard when referring to a place on the internet. You can post them as a link that takes you straight there on the satellite map but I haven't checked how yet.

    (Reichswald looks like a beautiful place, the cemetaries make such sad, strange marks on the land.)

    Happy hunting,
  7. Kitty

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    This thread really is a cracker. :biggrin:
  8. von Poop

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  9. jacobtowne

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    Okinawa shoreline and Kadena Air Base (formerly a Japanese air field).
    The assault force landed on almost the entire section of west-facing beach shown here on April 1st, 1945.

    The second view is the southeast coast (under the clouds) where the 2nd Marine Division demonstrated prior to joining the main invasion force.

    And a map.

  10. Cpl Rootes

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    this thread is amazing. Does anyone have the co-ordinates of Monte Cassino?
  11. jacobtowne

    jacobtowne Senior Member

    Right cheer.

  12. Owen

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    this thread is amazing. Does anyone have the co-ordinates of Monte Cassino?see post #12
    41°29'24.91"N 13°48'48.85"E

    Gerry should know this one. (nicked map from his site.)
    Longstop Hill. 36°44'2.22"N 9°38'56.10"E
  13. Owen

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    42°20'12.69"N 14°24'59.07"E
    Article from Paul Reed's website by Canadian veteran.
    Visit to Ortona

    Battle of Britain Memorial, Capel-le-Ferne, Folkestone, Kent.
    51° 5'54.89"N 1°12'21.97"E

    Battle of Britain Museum, Hawkinge, Kent.
    51° 6'44.68"N 1° 9'9.55"E

    51°26'16.25"N 0°33'54.37"W

    From Paul's website again. :)
    La Gleize King Tiger
    LA GLEIZE KING TIGER 50°24'36.47"N 5°50'45.70"E

    RAF Fauld Explosion Crater. 52°50'49.77"N 1°43'50.38"W
    see thread

    Down Ampney Airfield.
    51°40'2.04"N 1°50'33.36"W (just west of RAf Fairford.)
    Cricklade Model Flying Club - Content
    Airfield History
    The history of the wartime airfield is quite interesting as the airfields history is brief. It was part of AOC 46 Group as the first aircraft landed on February 18th 1944. On Feb 24th 1944 the first Squadron arrived No.48 Squadron who flew Dakotas and towed Horsa gliders. Also No. 271 Squadron and No. 91 SP arrived during March 1944. Operation Tonga was ordered for the night of June 5/6. Seven Dakotas/Horsa combinations would take part in the night landings these were carrying 3rd Parachute Brigade HQ and first Canadian Parachute Battalion the frops went well and the Dakotas returned safely.
    Casevac Dakota operations began on June 18th 1944 when 11 aircraft landed at airstrip B4 in Normandy. They loaded with casualties which the brought back to Down Ampney. During July HM Queen Mary came to see the tending of the wounded and inspected 271 Squadron.
    Down Ampney also took part during the Arnham assault. On the September 19th whilst parachuting supplies into Arnham three aircraft were lost including that of Lieutenant S.A Lord and crew. Whos selfless act of courage under fire was posthumously awarded the VC.Down Ampney was closed on April 1946 when the last Dakotas left for Canada.

    Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes. Old home of The Wiltshire Regiment.
    51°21'44.74"N 1°58'26.50"W

    CWGC :: Cemetery Details
    51°15'19.90"N 1°40'10.12"W

    Bulford KIWI, Salisbury Plain.
    51°11'38.81"N 1°42'54.92"W

    Fovant Badges, Salisbury Plain.
    WW1 military badges - Fovant Badges Society
    51° 3'12.68"N 1°42'54.92"W
  14. 52nd Airborne

    52nd Airborne Green Jacket Brat

  15. 52nd Airborne

    52nd Airborne Green Jacket Brat

    Hartenstein Hotel - Airbourne Museum
    51°59’16.53” N 5°49’56.28” E

    View attachment 646

    Moderator editabove co-ords give error message.
    use 51°59'15.85"N 5°49'57.34"E
  16. 52nd Airborne

    52nd Airborne Green Jacket Brat

    John Frost Bridge - Arnhem
    51°58’30.59” N 5°54’47.21” E

    View attachment 647

    Moderator edit.Above co-ords give me error message so here use51°58'29.87"N 5°54'41.82"E
  17. 52nd Airborne

    52nd Airborne Green Jacket Brat

    Airborne Forces Museum - Aldershot.
    51°15’41.25” N 0°45’47.29” W

    View attachment 648

    Moderator EDIT for some reason above co-ords don't work for me, I get error message so here they are again.
    51°15'39.56"N 0°45'49.37"W
  18. Owen

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    Fort Eben Emael.
    Fort Eben-Emael 2006
    50°47'49.37"N 5°40'46.88"E

    Norisring, Nurnberg.
    Norisring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Nuremberg Party Rallies (1936/1937/1938) | In Pictures
    49°25'53.44"N 11° 7'29.88"E

    Olympic Stadium, Berlin.
    52°30'52.75"N 13°14'21.71"E

    Lidice, Czech Republic.
    50° 8'40.06"N 14°12'1.29"E

    Primosole Bridge, Sciliy.
    Primasole Bridge, July 13, 1943
    37°23'59.28"N 15° 3'53.88"E
    View attachment 650

    Imperial War Museum, London.
    51°29'45.08"N 0° 6'30.67"W
  19. von Poop

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    Fort Nelson: 50°51'39.10"N 1° 8'19.65"W
    Tower armouries Large exhibits & artillery collection.
    Royal Armouries: Fort Nelson

    Bletchley Park: 51°59'52.99"N 0°44'24.67"W
  20. Owen

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