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Discussion in 'Canadian' started by Chris C, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian layabout

    I just got an email update from the Project '44 map people. According to them, well:

    Have you heard that Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is digitizing the entire Second World War war diary collection?

    Starting in August last year, the LAC begin scanning the war diaries in support of Project ’44: The Road to Liberation. Tens of thousands of pages have been scanned, providing a plethora of documents that have not been seen by the public in 75 years!​

    I have not found where these are being uploaded but I can't say I've looked properly yet.
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  2. stolpi

    stolpi Well-Known Member

    This is wonderful news, but where can they be found?
  3. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian layabout

    Ahh, the answer to that is "not yet".

    I communicated by twitter and got back the response: "100% they will be available on the LAC website, the narratives will be on our web map as well." I'm not really sure what they mean by "narratives" but I take it to mean the daily portions of the diaries.

    There is a beta of their web map now available - wasn't there last time I checked. Project '44
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  4. Pronto91

    Pronto91 Canadian Signals Researcher

    They're coming online. This search will show you what pdfs are available. LAC Online WD Search.
  5. klambie

    klambie Senior Member

    Interesting. From a peek at one of the Argyll's PDFs in the other thread, I see the daily summary (ie. 'narrative') which was all I was expecting. But there are also some Pt I Orders (picked for a large list of Coy postings?) and some map related appendices. No intel summary. Almost like Project 44 or someone has curated a list of interesting bits and LAC has captured them.
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  6. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian layabout

    Well, you could send an email to LAC... Though Wmwhat you find in a WD can be pretty random.

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