Gillard to announce Vietnam memorial funding

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    Gillard to announce Vietnam memorial funding

    By North America correspondent Jane Cowan
    Updated 2 hours 33 minutes ago
    Prime Minister Julia Gillard :p will use her first public event in the US to announce funding for a new Vietnam War memorial.
    Ms Gillard was expected to make a brief appearance outside Blair House this morning but rain kept her inside, where she is being briefed by Australia's US ambassador, Kim Beazley.
    There are no official engagements until tomorrow, when Ms Gillard will pledge $3.3 million towards an Australian-themed contribution to a new Vietnam war memorial.
    The Australian money will fund displays specifically honouring Australia's involvement in the war, which claimed 521 Australian lives.
    Then there will be talks with US president Barack Obama, where the Afghanistan war is likely to be discussed.
    But Ms Gillard has already indicated she will steer clear of difficult territory, including the case of Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
    Ms Gillard will become the first foreign dignitary to address the new US congress and only the fourth Australian prime minister ever to do so.
    Her speech is expected to commemorate 60 years of the ANZUS alliance.
    Ms Gillard will also discuss global security during talks with other senior administration figures, including secretary of state Hillary Clinton and CIA director Leon Panetta.
    The global economy will dominate discussions with Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke and the head of the World Bank.
    There will also be lunch with News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch and talks with UN chief Ban Ki-moon.
    Before leaving Australia, Ms Gillard also reportedly suggested she could be open to hosting more American forces on Australian soil if the US deems it necessary.

    Gillard to announce Vietnam memorial funding - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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    So, what do you think of her doing this Spider??
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    I agree with no one's opinion. I have some of my own.
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    Apparently the R&SL are not too happy about it, claiming they weren't consulted about it.

    Which doesn't surprise me.

    What is that saying about gift horses?
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    So, what do you think of her doing this Spider??

    I think its a gracious offer by the Australian Government (which ever party/s)
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    RSL upset by handling of Vietnam memorial plan

    Updated 2 hours 39 minutes ago
    Insensitive and inept: The RSL says the Government should have consulted diggers. (Australian War Memorial)

    The RSL says Prime Minister Julia Gillard should have consulted the ex-service community about a new war memorial in the United States.
    Ms Gillard is in America and will tomorrow pledge $3.3 million towards an Australian-themed contribution to a new Vietnam War memorial.
    RSL national president Rear Admiral Ken Doolan says he supports the initiative, which was announced during the election campaign, but he is unhappy with other aspects.
    "I think they've been insensitive and inept and we are just saddened at the lack of consultation," he said.
    "Memorials are sensitive issues and the RSL and the veteran community expect that government will consult with the ex-service community extensively before such initiatives are undertaken.
    "We'd like to know what form the memorial takes, who's going to be there representing the veteran community, what the purpose of the memorial is, what part it plays in the overall scheme of things.
    "These are questions that are not unreasonable, particularly for those who are Vietnam veterans."
    Ms Gillard, Veterans Affairs Minister Warren Snowdon and three veterans are in Washington for Tuesday's launch of the centre which will feature a state-of-the-art exhibition to educate visitors about the war.
    Mr Snowdon said Australia's contribution to the education centre was an election commitment following approaches by the Americans.
    Veterans' organisations had been made aware of the commitment and they would continue to be involved in further development of the concept along with the Australian War Memorial, he said.
    "We have to remember that this is at the very early stages," Mr Snowdon said.
    "Our initial commitment gets us a seat on the steering committee.
    "I am sorry if the RSL believes they should have been more closely engaged, but the bottom line is the Government has taken a decision to invest in this because we think it's good for the nation."
    RSL upset by handling of Vietnam memorial plan - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


    Now I know why I am not a member of the organisation.

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