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    Just wondering where to start looking for specific German unit war diaries. Looking at Abbeville on 20/5/40 and St Omer 30/5/40 in particular. I am currently narrowing down the actual units involved, but was hoping for some pointers as to where I can get my hands on the diaries once I know which ones.

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    Hi Matt

    If you know the divisions etc you are interested in there's a chap in America who photographs German war diaries held at NARA. Failing that I believe there are copies in the Bundesarchives in Germany.
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    German KTB are in the T-315 series. You should be ok for the 1940 era but most diaries don't exist for after the 1943 period due to a wartime fire at the archive where the files were stored. NARA charges $130 for a Roll regardless of whether it has 3 frames or 3000. You can also find extra information in the KTB for the relevant Armeekorps etc.
    John Calvin provides a variety of KTB Rolls for free at his site via a FTP server but as it only allows 20 people to access his files at any one time it can be a problem getting access...
    (WWII Aerial Photos and Maps)

    For NARA, you will need to register, but go to this link, click on one of the options and when you go to the next page click on the 'Continue To Order' button. You don't have to order it at that point but doing so lets you see what Rolls are available for the units... NARA Microfilm T-315 Series
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    Many thanks both, this should keep me busy.

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