(German) Pioneer Battalion 263 - August 1944

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  1. I was hoping someone might be able to tell me something of this Unit but specifically its location during August 1944.

    Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    Jonathan S
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    This is all I can find, cursory check, not much help


  3. Thats a start - many thanks. I think the second link gets to me a wiki page that says they were part of Army Group North in Aug 1944, which is what I thought.

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    There are two pages on the Division in:
    Werner Haupt, Die Deutschen Infanterie-Divisionen: 1 – 50 Infanterie-, Jäger-, Volksgrenadier-Divisionen 1921 – 1945, (Eggolsheim: Dorfler Verlag,2005)

    May be worth picking up.

    For this sort of enquiry... expect to find it lightly touched, barely covered in English and be willing to dig deeply.
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    During Army Group Norths retreat to the Kurland pocket it fought at the following locations Barkava ( August 2, 1944 ) ; Modohn ( 11-12 . August 1944 ) and Ergli ( August 20, 1944 ).

    Unfortunately my copy of G. Tessins Verbande und Truppen der Deutschen Wehrmacht und Waffen SS 1939 -45: Die Landstreitkrafte 201-280 doesn't give any more info than has already been given in other posts above.
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  7. Thansk for the additional information and suggestions. Really appreciated.

    Kind regards,

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