German Officer ID.

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    Who is the grinning guy in this well known clip?

  2. von Poop

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    Walter von Grabenhofen?

    Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-J14577,_Montenegro,_Gebirgsj├Ąger-Einsatz_gegen_Partisanen.jpg Capture.JPG
  3. Harry Ree

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    In dress uniform, he had his full name displayed on his person.....perhaps attendance at a party or military conference

    Stettner von Grabenhofen, Walter Ritter - WW2 Gravestone

    Killed by Tito's partisans in Belgrade..... interred at the Alpine resort of Partenkirchen.I wonder if this occurred after the war after a field grave.

    I thought that the Wehrmacht gave an oath of loyalty to Hitler in 1938,not 1934 as stated in the above document.
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