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    Watching Channel 4 now.
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    Hitler's Supercars.
    Documentary charting the rise of Nazi Germany's speed cars, when under the orders of Hitler himself drivers risked their lives smashing records that the Third Reich exploited for propaganda.

    Thought I'd mention it in here.
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    Today 86 years ago, the first Motorway Junction in Europe was completed near Schkeuditz.

    Even today some Germans defending The Führer, would state, but he completed all these motorways, we are still using and visitors from all over Europe use them without a toll.
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    There's this... "online academical" on the subject...

    AUTOBAHN: Das Road

    I relatively recently saw a few other things on the subject, not least that the scheme predated the Fuhrer, albeit he was quick to take credit etc. ;-) :)

    "Understand/appreciate the design/construction of the first inter-city (Cologne-Bonn) motorway in 1932 and the Nazi effort to minimize its significance when they came to power in 1933"

    "Understand/appreciate the myth propagated by the Nazi Party that the Autobahn was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler as outlined in his manifesto “Mein Kampf”

    Understand/appreciate the motivations of the Nazis to change their views on a national road network after coming to power as both a large-scale “make-work” project and showcase for “National Socialism”


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    From the photo album of HN (Bill) Beadle on a cycling holiday to Germany in 1937.
    He wrote of Trier and a Nazi Parade at Zum Domstein on the same page.

    The road that leads to nowhere.jpg
    The road that leads to nowhere and the road that leads to the frontier.
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