German memorabilia: need help to identify

Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by J.Dagenais, Oct 11, 2020.

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    Can you help me with these objects that I found in my Dad's souvenir box from the war. He was with R22eR (Italy, Germany, Holland) Thanks for your help ! 2020-10-11 12_25_15-Window.png 2020-10-11 12_26_24-Window.png 2020-10-11 12_27_09-Window.png 2020-10-11 12_27_32-Window.png 2020-10-11 12_28_15-Window.png 2020-10-11 12_29_02-Window.png 2020-10-11 12_28_38-Window.png 2020-10-11 12_29_47-Window.png
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    Thank you so much !!!
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    Thank you Owen !
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