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    Help required please.

    I've started to try and understand my grandads service records but I've got stuck at the first hurdle. I think that I have interpeted a couple of the abbreviations but the others dont make sense.

    Is there a connection between the Registration Number and the Army Number?
    Do the sets of numbers in the Army number cross reference to a regiment or are the commas just used to seperate the 000s?

    5. I presume that the AC next to Nature of Engagement refers to Army Contract?
    10. I think that Z.K mext to Industry Group is Local Government - is this correct.
    11. What is L22.2 next to Occupational Classification?
    14. My Grandad was born and lived in Sheffield so is there a reason why it states Hawick Scotland as his home town
    C. Medical Category - I understood that A4 refers to someone under 19 but my Grandad was 30 at the time.
    F. What do the numbers mean against this section.
    19. I cant work out what it says next to 19. Location

    On the 2nd image -which I presume to be the reverse of the 1st - can someone help to explain what all the hand written text means
    What does Posted TO 'Y' LIST mean?

    Thanks in anticipation and apologies to the more experienced of you if the answers are obvious. George Storey WW2 registration 1.png George Storey WW2 registration 2.png
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  3. Peter Storey

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    Thanks Lesley,

    Are these the ones that George Storey Service and Casualty 1.png George Storey Service and Casualty 2.png George Storey Service and Casualty 3.png George Storey Service and Casualty 4.png you are referring to?
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    Yes they are the ones. Is there anything in particular you are unsure of on them?
  5. PackRat

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    Unfortunately some of the little notes on B102 forms are extremely obscure and may no longer be translatable as the paperwork they relate to has long since been destroyed. There appear to be documents detailing the Occupational Classifications hiding in the National Archives, but I don't think anyone has created a definitive list of them for wider access.

    I'll try to help with a few abbreviations, though:

    Medical Category - see this link for the original pamphlet explaining categories, courtesy of forum member AB64.
    AC - May be 'Army Class'.
    Location - Looks like it might be 21AG NWE, or 21st Army Group, North West Europe. His B103 shows that he embarked for service in NWE just after D-Day.
    Y-List - This relates to his impending demob and release to the 'Z' Reserve in March 1946 (on a standard Class 'A' release). He was discharged from reserve obligations when he reached 45 in 1955 (younger men were under obligation until June 1959, in accordance with the 1954 Reserves Act).

    The other entries look like:

    152 Coy 17/9/1940
    Dis(embarked) UK 4/1/1944 152 Coy
    269 Coy 28/10/1945

    This suggests that he spent the bulk of the war with 152 Company, Pioneer Corps, then was posted to 269 Company after the war while awaiting demob. All of the Part II Order entries can be ignored as the paperwork is long gone.

    Many of the entries on his B103 relate to leave. RA is Ration Allowance, LR is Local Rate, FW not sure - possibly some form of travel warrant. WPP is Wartime Proficiency Pay (a pay increment after being in service for a period of time).

    He was in North Africa with 152 Coy from November 42 to December 43, then looks like he was in NWE from June 1944 to November 1945. More can be found in the unit war diaries. These should be the ones you need:

    ROYAL PIONEER CORPS: COMPANIES: 152 Company. | The National Archives
    152 Coy. | The National Archives
    152 Coy. | The National Archives
    152 Coy | The National Archives
    152 Coy. | The National Archives

    Hope this helps get you started.
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  6. Peter Storey

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    Thanks PackRat your help is really useful. I tried deciphering the documents but really strugled as I didn't know where to start. I'll take some time to digest your interpreation and also look at the links that you posted. Thanks again.

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