General Sir Miles Christopher Dempsey, GBE, KCB, DSO, MC .

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    I thought that I would post this remarkable collection of medals to General Dempsey who was the commander of the 2nd Army at D-DAY.

    These are on display at the Rifles museum in Salisbury.

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  2. Bernard85

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    good day cooler sir miles christopher dempsey,G.B.E. K.C.B. DSO. MC.a great collection of medals to a very deserving soldier.thank you for posting,regards bernard85
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  4. Ron Goldstein

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    A super set of medals befitting a remarkable soldier.

    Wikipedia had this to say about his Africa/Sicily/Italy days:

    In December 1942 he was promoted to lieutenant-general and commanded XIII Corps in the Eighth Army during the North African Campaign. He subsequently helped to plan the invasion of Sicily and led the assault on Sicily in 1943. Dempsey later led the invasion of Italy across the Strait of Messina, in which his troops advanced more than 300 miles (480 km) to the north before linking up with U.S. troops at Salerno.

  5. Drew5233

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    Not forgetting he was 13 Brigades boss in France during 1940 ;)

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