gen miles dempsey.

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    with all the books,memoirs by other generals, ike, monty and bradley etc,aides like butcher and even generals lady drivers,authours like, dare i say it .ambrose.and half a hundred others,how do you feel about dempsey,s handling of the british 2nd army,particulary the normandy campaign.i feel the man has been overlooked,imho he was a great we have any members who know how other figures of the time thought of him,ike,monty,tedder,churchill,bradley,hodges etc,etc.and more importantly veterans views of the man.was he montys puppet,as i have read,or a very dangerous general in his own right.very interested to hear your opinions,yours very sincerely,lee.
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    Lee, I will be honest and say that I dont know enough about him to make a judgement but I will do a bit of research and let you know my opinions. your thread deserves a response :)
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    It's a valid comment that Gotthard makes. I think some of it would be down to (in no small measure) other commanders being more in the spotlight/public awareness eg Monty and Goodwood, his rivalry with Patton etc. At first glance he would come across as like Alanbrooke- dependable, did the job, low key.

    It would be interesting to see/ hear from knowledgeable sources about the man. If kudos is due then this gentleman should be given recognition, if only for his valued contribution.
  4. 4th wilts

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    i reckon he did a great job,unenviable,but considering the dispositions of the enemy,a great job.lee.

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