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    One thing is stone wall certain, that is a British army uniform, I do know, I wore it. it is exactly the same as mine. Because he had a French calender and and other French signs about, does not mean he is French. We were always surrounded by French signs. Why not? when in France. We did not bring advertising with us!

    I personally doubt very much that he was a French/British Liason representative? I doubt it very much.

    Why? because he would have had to liase with British officers, and he would have been an officer of more or less equal rank. The uniform he is wearing is standard British private soldiers issue, there is not the slightest doubt of that. He certainly is not an officer. abd British army officers are not going to laise with a private...believe me!

    The sign on your Fathers uniform Angie is the same sign for the Welsh Infantry Division. Not at all surprising! He did not have to come from all the infantry divs, they got what they were sent, no matter where they came from. my company was a Welsh Company, and had the greatest variety that could be imagined.
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    I do find that trying to go back raises a multitude of problems. I have searched high and low for my old friends. All to no avail. It seems as though as the years proress they fade away even further in the background.Some even look as though they had never existed, for there is no trace, Not even of men that I knew as good friends, the sort of friendship that is born out of the fires of war. yet when you seek and look? nothing,just as though they had never existed.
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    thank you to everyone who responded and helped me with this...
    I will try contacting British army archives to see if perhaps they have this soldier listed anywhere...
    However when i called the British embassy here to find out the address they told me that this soldier would hardly have been enlisted as he wouldnt have been considered a british national ie,at that time being born in the UK of a British mother wouldnt have been enough : only the father counts(or did at that time) for establishing nationality so the fact that his father was French and grandfather in the paternal line was french would have stopped him from being considered a British national.
    The female side and line counted for nothing at all....
    Still,in view of the many responses ive had both here and elsewhere concerning the uniform i will try contacting Brit military archives anyway and see...
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    What a shame the picture has gone-I'm quite intrigued.

    I only have two French Destroyers listed as being sunk during Op Dynamo but neither were lost due to a mine. One was torpedo's from an E-Boat and the other an air attack. What was here name?


    PM Sent just in case.

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