French offer of tanks to Greece in early 1940...

Discussion in '1940' started by phylo_roadking, Mar 15, 2010.

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    Although in 1938 she had previously refused to sell tanks to early 1940 the French Defence Ministry offered to sell Greece used tanks: "chars (F.T.) de 7 a 8 tonnes (avec mitrailleuses)"

    A thread was opened on this earlier today on AHF by a guy from Greece who had come across this very "thin" reference in passing and wanted to find out more, and since then I've been chasing down material - but has anyone here heard or read anything about this from the FRENCH side???
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    No, but it sounds extremely intruiging Phylo, nonetheless!
  3. Smudger Jnr

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    No, but it sounds extremely intruiging Phylo, nonetheless!

    I too have not read anything on this subject and so will attempt to do a little digging.

  4. phylo_roadking

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    Cheers, Tom. As you can see from the AHF thread I've managed to account for 24 of the batch of 36 NC1/NC27s so that little remnant is still firmly in the frame, as well as it just being FT-17s that someone made a cock-up in the weight of!

    It's a pity there may only have been 12 NC27s left...can't help thinking with it's much better crosscountry speed and comfort, uprated armour would have been a FAR better machine for the French to have had available in Reserve as replacements in May-June 1940 than the 'umble FT!

    The flip side of that is - the very small number left may have been WHY the French offered them aboard! Probably wasn't much in the way of spares available for them, wouldn't have made much sense for the French to try and use just 12! They needed hundreds...

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