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Discussion in 'Photo Restoration' started by rco, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Vicnscott

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    Hi thanks I didn't see that link lol, ill sort the pics out and send him a message. Thanks
  2. Noreen

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    I need a photo restored and didn't really know what to do. Just been looking at the website - so easy to follow and clear on pricing policy etc. Thanks very much for this recommendation.
  3. STAN50

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    Can I just remind everyone what a terrific job Roger does and bring this thread back up.
  4. Buteman

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    My Mother's Parents (Adrianus Cornelis Anthonius Sluis & Neeljte van der Hulst) were married a 100 years ago this year. Their marriage photo was bent and scratched, so I decided to it send it to Roger to see what he could do. Fantastic is the final result. I wish I could travel back in time to meet my GrandMother, as she died in 1931 (aged 38) shortly after the birth of her 8th child, who also died. My Mother was 10 when this happened.




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