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    Forum Guidelines/Rules:

    OttoBomb Publishing as owners of the WW2 Talk Forum reserves the right not to accept registrations of new members.

    Your use of the World War 2 Talk Forum is subject to the rules and guidelines shown on this page. By using the World War 2 Talk Forum in any way you signify explicit agreement to all of the below.

    Don't post messages that are in any way racist, abusive or obscene.
    Don't incite or be aggressive in tone.
    Do respect the right of others to express their opinion.
    Please try not to post irrelevant text designed to disrupt discussion.
    Don't make any statements that could be construed as defamatory of an individual, group or business.
    Threats or any form of harassment against another member will be taken seriously.

    All moderators have an absolute right to delete, move, edit or otherwise change any post added to this forum as necessary in order to keep things running smoothly
    If you don't agree with a decision discuss it with the moderator who made the judgment in private, but you are not entitled to any discussion.
    The moderators are volunteers. Following these guidelines/rules makes their life easier and everything run more smoothly.

    Don't post material that may be copyright, where publication rights are owned by others.
    You own copyright to all posts that you make on this forum.
    Any content of your posts is entirely your own responsibility and the forum, it's moderators and administrators can take no liability for that content. This does not just relate to copyright but to all other potential liabilities that might arise from information posted in any form on ww2talk
    All members are responsible for their content on the Forum. This includes all posts, signatures, emails or any private message that is sent via the forums systems. The forum owners and moderators are not responsible for the contents of any of the above and do not vouch for the accuracy of anything written.
    In other words if you write it then it's your responsibility for it.

    Discussion on the forum is not for promoting commercial activity, this will be a judgement call of the moderators for each case but they have an absolute right to judgement on what is acceptable and what's not.
    The same applies to active promotion of other websites via ww2talk.

    Try and keep subjects on topic, that topic being anything related to World War 2, there are areas for friendly discussions that have no relation to the war, try and keep such chat to those areas.

    The subjects of Modern Politics, and religion, have caused friction in the past, which has been to the detriment of the site's main WW2 context. For this reason we now strongly discourage those subjects. Threads deemed along those lines and likely to cause inflammatory discussion will be removed.*

    Multiple accounts belonging to the same individual are not allowed.

    In the case where these rules are badly broken your membership of the forum is likely to be terminated and access blocked without warning or explanation.

    If you believe a member is breaking these rules please contact the mods or admin giving details.

    And the most important rule of all: Enjoy yourself.

    * Modern Politics currently under review.
    Current affairs section in the Barracks being run as a trial.
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