Former camp workers in German courts 2021

Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by Dave55, Feb 6, 2021.

  1. Owen

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    Maybe if they find her guilty she could do lines on her typewriter.
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    You're a card Owen, as sharp as a tack :)
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  3. Owen

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    Thinking about it I should have said , "if found guilty she could do a sentence on her typewriter."

    Ok , I've overdone it now.

    I wonder if the typewriter manufacturer will be sued - if still in existence.
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  4. jonheyworth

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    they’d get off as they use the defence that Schindler’s list was typed on one of their machines
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  5. papiermache

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    Curiously enough, the CIA were still interested in Stutthof in the mid 1950's.

    See NARA "Advanced Search": ARC Identifier: 19051496

    Go to page 92. Some kind soul has transcribed most of the 100 page report.

  6. Lindele

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    The latest on the 96 year old woman is that she is back home again, but the court will resume the case on 19 October.
  7. ltdan

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    sigh would have been much more credible if the actual criminals and masterminds had already been sentenced in the 50s. But at that time we Germans were unfortunately still too cowardly - and too stubborn.
    The old lady is just a cheap scapegoat.
    It may sound cynical to some, but I can certainly understand why, as an old woman, she doesn't understand being charged for something she did as a 17-year-old accomplice
    Others, who were far more guilty, were acquitted decades ago - incomprehensibly so.

    But in spite of everything, the message is clear: Those who associate themselves with criminal regimes must have to worry about the consequences for the rest of their lives.
    It would be very desirable if this would pay off some day....even at the price that true justice sometimes seems pretty unfair
    This is owed to the innocent victims.
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  8. Dave55

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    I agree. Virtue signaling.

    Authorities were too chicken to go after the powerful business leaders and politicians in the fifties. Joachim Piper worked for Porsche, for heavens sake.

    Every single one of these scumbags should have been breaking rocks for the rest of their lives.

    HIAG - Wikipedia
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  9. ltdan

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    Yes, that would have been an appropriate punishment....
    but you know: McCarthy, the communist threat, the enemy of my enemy is my friend...
    Realpolitik, unfortunately, always has a certain odor of excrement - an appropriate camouflage for former Nazis, under which they could best hide themselves
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  10. papiermache

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    Reports of the proceedings against the 96 year old woman refer to a previous case as being an important precedent. However, whilst I can find an English copy of the indictment in the "precedent" case it is proving impossible ( to me, German reading ability: nil ) to find an online copy of the judgment. Various articles cite internet links to the judgment text but these are all now broken.

    It is common to find references such as:

    " The Munich II Regional Court sentenced John Demjanjuk to five years imprisonment on May 12, 2011 for aiding and abetting murder (file number 1 Ks 115 Js 12496/08, not legally binding). "

    In 2019 the ECHR dealt with proceedings brought by relatives [ Demjanjuk v. Germany (application no. 24247/15) ] :

    " The Court ( ECHR ) found that it did not raise an issue under Article 6 § 2 that the Regional Court, after a trial of 91 days, setting out its legal and factual assessment in a judgment of 220 pages, had determined that there was at least a significant state of suspicion against the accused."

    Is there a working link to the 220 page judgment of the Munich II Regional Court ?

    The link to the English copy of the indictment is here:

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