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    Quite a few Merchant Navy graves in that cemetery:

    ANDERSON, Cook Steward, JOSEPH, M.V. Shelbrit II (Swansea). Merchant Navy. 9th November 1940. Age 48. Son of John and Hannah Anderson; husband of Jennie Anderson, of North Shields. Sec. C. Uncons. Grave 12910.

    BROWN, Ordinary Seaman, ROBERT C., S.S. Stanburn (London). Merchant Navy. 29th January 1940. Age 17. Son of Robert Curran Brown and Isabella Brown, of North Shields. Sec. J. R.C. Grave 1717.

    CAWLEY, Steward, JOHN WILLIAM, M.V. British Reliance (London). Merchant Navy. 20th May 1944. Age 23. Son of John William and Margaret Ann Cawley, of North Shields. Sec. J. R.C. Grave 1015.

    CLEMENTS, Chief Engineer Officer, GEORGE, M.V. Saltflat (London). Merchant Navy. 12th November 1945. Age 36. Sec. C. Uncons. Grave 13526.

    CLISHAM, Steward, DONALD WATSON, S.S. British Viscount (London). Merchant Navy. 24th November 1943. Age 21. Sec. K. Grave 11058.

    DEFTY, Fireman and Trimmer, JOSEPH, S.S. Thistlebrae (Sunderland). Merchant Navy. 5th October 1945. Age 57. Son of Henry John and Margaret Defty, husband of Elizabeth Defty, of North Shields. Sec. K. Grave 14058.

    EARL, Master, CHARLES, S.S. Terlings (London). Merchant Navy. 21st July 1940. Age 40. Husband of M. A. Earl. Sec. E. Uncons. Grave 4124 East.

    FINCH, Master, WILMA, S.S. Chinese Prince (London). Merchant Navy. 12th June 1941. Age 54. Son of Hubert and Emily Eugenie Finch. Sec. E. Grave 4121 East.

    GALEA, Fireman, EDWARD, S.S. Knitsley (Newcastle-on-Tyne). Merchant Navy. 12th December 1942. Age 32. Son of Gato and Alexandra Galea; husband of Edna Galea, of The New Quay, North Shields. Of Malta, G.C. Sec. J. R.C. Grave 1778.

    GLASS, Fireman, GEORGE ROBERT, M.V. Dispenser (Southampton). Merchant Navy. 24th November 1947. Age 55. Son of Margaret Jane Glass, husband of Phoebe Glass, of North Shields. Sec. J. R.C. Grave 2793.

    HOWEY, First Engineer Officer, THOMAS, S.S. Greyfriars (Newcastle-on-Tyne). Merchant Navy. 11th January 1941. Age 36. Son of James William and Annie Howey, of North Shields; husband of Maud Mary Howey, of South Shields, Co. Durham. Sec. C. Uncons. Grave 10404.

    JOHNSON, Cook, HENRY DAVIS, S.S. Stanburn (London). Merchant Navy. 29th January 1940. Age 27. Sec. K. Grave 11337.

    QUINN, Fireman, DANIEL, S.S. Black Osprey. Merchant Navy. 20th December 1944. Age 51. Son of Daniel and Ann Quinn; husband of Barbara Quinn, of North Shields. Sec. J. R.C. Grave 1814.

    RUSSELL, Master, THOMAS ARTHUR, S.S. Easton (Toronto). Merchant Navy. 8th September 1942. Age 52. Son of James and Elizabeth Russell, husband of Thomasina May Russell, of North Shields. Sec. K. Grave 13194.

    SCOTT, Able Seaman, JAMES ARMISTICE, S.S. Scottish American. Merchant Navy. 4th April 1945. Age 26. Son of William Chaptman Scott and Ann Scott, of Tynemouth. Sec. J. R.C. Grave 2773.

    TAVASH, Ordinary Seaman, PETER CROWE, S.S. S.N.A. 8 (Glasgow). Merchant Navy. 14th February 1941. Age 29. Son of Louis and Jane Crowe Tavash, of North Shields husband of Annie Tavash. of North Shields. Sec. K. Grave 14414.

    TOWELL, Able Seaman, SYDNEY, M.V. Alexia (London). Merchant Navy. 10th August 1945. Age 31. Son of John William and Florence Towell, of North Shields. Sec. K. Grave 13614.

    WILKIE, Chief Engineer Officer, JOHN SEWELL, S.S. Empire Ballad (Sunderland). Merchant Navy. 10th December 1945. Age 48. Son of John Sewell Wilkie and Isabella Wilkie, of North Shields; husband of Lucy Wilkie, of North Shields Sec. H. Cons. Grave 69 West.

    YAMAWAKI, Fireman, SATIOS, S.S. Polgarth (Liverpool). Merchant Navy. 8th August 1940. Age 45. Sec. K. Grave 14396.

    Non World War Dead graves looked after by the CWGC

    CUTHBERT, Deck Hand, GEORGE, S.S. Dearne. Merchant Navy. 22nd November 1940. Age 20. Sect K War Grave Plot Grave 14400.

    HAYNES, Seaman, A, Merchant Navy. 18th May 1945. Plot War Grave Sec K Grave 14517.

    LINCOLN, Seaman, FREDERICK MATTHEW, SS Wellfield. Merchant Navy. 8th September 1941. Plot K War Grave Plot Grave 14448.

    RYAN, Seaman, JOHN, Merchant Navy. 17th November 1943. Plot Sec K War Grave Plot Grave 14485.
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  2. temptage

    temptage I thought it would only take a few weeks......

    No. Ours didn't bury them in paupers graves either. Many of the civilians who died have headstones provided by the local authority, several have private graves, but there are about 40 that don't have any sort of grave marker. Just wondering why the local authority didn't provide for those 40 also.

  3. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Re the 40 are they commemorated on a memorial within the churchyard or locally
  4. temptage

    temptage I thought it would only take a few weeks......

    No. No mention of any of them anywhere. There was talk a few years back about getting a Memorial installed at the Cemetery that would name ALL the Civilians who died in the bombings, but nothing ever come of it.
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    I agree that's a sadness that Civilians on war-work were not accorded a form of CWGC headstone commensurate with their war-service. I think that should be looked at again, for all individuals killed whilst (generally) on war-work, no matter the individual circumstances of the death. So I'd include firemen (and women), nurses and doctors, factory workers, obviously the Merchant Marine, and other similar serving groups, perhaps with a crest similar to that of the regiemental/Squadron etc crests on military graves on the civilian war-worker's graves who were KIA. I would point out, however, that at the time, scant attention was paid to this - or indeed expected by - that generation, as there were far more pressing issues than the memorials for the recently killed. So it's one of those "wrongs" which may not have been regarded as such during the war. An example of this is that they're still occasionally discovering wrecked aircraft, both German and British, from whom the aircrew were nominally recovered for burial - still with remains in. There just wasn't the time.

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