Forgotten Allies - documentary project about Burma veterans

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    Over the past two years, Grammar Productions has been travelling half way round the world to record the experiences of WW2 veterans who fought for the British in the Burma Campaign. Our film ‘Forgotten Allies’ will tell the story of these incredible men.

    While British soldiers who served in Burma were known as ‘The Forgotten Army’, local soldiers’ incredible stories were barely even heard of in Britain. They served side by side with British officers, in a brutal war against the Japanese, in extremely difficult conditions.

    Like David Daniel, a 93 year old man who joined the Royal Artillery aged just 17 – his Yangon house still proudly covered in Union Jack flags and portraits of the Queen. In near perfect English, he recounted the shock of Japanese aerial bombardment and the horror of his 700-mile evacuation to India by foot, through dense malarial jungles. Or Saw Berny, just one of thousands of local men recruited into S.O.E to conduct incredibly dangerous missions hundreds of miles behind enemy lines.

    After the war, Burmese veterans like them became the only Commonwealth veterans to be denied official post-war support. The country closed in on itself and slipped into what would become ‘the longest running armed-conflict in the world’.

    That's is why we’ve been on a mission to document these phenomenal stories of bravery before it’s too late. Our journey has taken us to the remotest corners of Burma and we’ve met and interviewed amazing people along the way – some of whom are already sadly no longer with us.

    Now we want to share these stories with you. But we need your help.

    Read more about the project and support our crowd-funding campaign here.

    Or join us for a special evening in London on June 21st, ‘Remembering World War Two in Burma’ with star speaker James Holland. More information and tickets can be found here.

    Or simply help us spread the word about the project as far and wide as you can.

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    Grammar Productions

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    Link forwarded to the Kohima Museum (UK)
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    Thank you! We can't wait to see that important point in history get more recognition next year with the 75th anniversary.
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    I have just been reading the BBC World Service News regarding this subject.
    Very interesting to hear that they still loyal to the UK and also that they are receiving some help at last.
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