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    I'm looking for information about Michael Lloyd (122507) who was killed on the night of 22 October 1943. He's buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery. Any information would be gratefully received as I am currently researching names on our local war memorial for a poppy festival in church - we would like very much for names to become people once more so that they can be remembered. Many thanks in advance.
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    Where is the memorial?

    Flying Officer (Pilot)LLOYD, MICHAEL
    Service Number 122507

    Died 22/10/1943

    Aged 21

    12 Sqdn.
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

    Son of Norman Austin Lloyd and Millicent Greta Lloyd, of Over Haddon, Derbyshire. Head Boy Of Tonbridge School, 1939-1940.
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    Pilot of Lancaster JB287 PH-F, No 12 Squadron.

    From Chorley's Bomber Command Losses 1943:

    12 Squadron
    Lancaster III JB287 PH-F
    Op: Kassel.

    F/O. M. Lloyd +
    Sgt. G. Hood +
    Sgt. R O. Williamson +
    Sgt. G E. Parkes +
    Sgt. G A. Davis +
    Sgt. G F. Allison +
    Sgt. J D. Walton +
    Sgt. R. Puddle +

    Took off 1800 hrs Wickenby. Crashed near Bielefeld, where on 27 October all were buried. Their graves are now in Rheinberg War Cemetery. Their average age was 20. At 22 Sgt Hood was the eldest.

    Unknown whether the aircraft was destroyed by fighter or flak.

    Sgt G F Allison

    Along with the other six members of his crew Sgt Allison arrived at RAF Wickenby from 1656 Heavy Conversion Unit on 20th October 1943. Two days later the crew along with a additional pilot were to take off for what was to be their first and last operational sortie. All were originally laid to rest at Bielefeld, Germany on 27th October 1943.

    Air Historical Branch records confirm the crash site as Schildesche Germany 55.04N/08.33E a suburb of Bielefeld approx 65 miles NW of target Kassel. Schildesche is about 15 miles West off track of the first leg out of the target and JB287 may well have strayed over Bielefeld defences. The Station Diary states that the aircraft was part of a force of 322 Lancasters and 247 Halifaxes attacking the target, Wickenby's loss rate was 6.25% and Bomber Commands was 7.56%

    1238834 F/Sgt Michael Lloyd was commissioned Pilot Officer 7 March 1942, receiving new number 122507. Gazetted 16 June 1942:

    Page 2657 | Issue 35598, 16 June 1942 | London Gazette | The Gazette

    Promoted Flying Officer 1 November 1942, gazetted 20 November 1942:

    Page 5043 | Supplement 35791, 17 November 1942 | London Gazette | The Gazette


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    What's amazing is that Norman was an Australian who fought at Gallipoli, was wounded and then discharged from the Australian Army having been offered a field commission only to be re-enlisted in the British Army where the worked on the development of tanks.
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    Thank you - that is so helpful. I shall be able to provide a poster about Flying Officer Lloyd for our festival of poppies and I shall be sure to read up about Kassel.
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    Should you be interested, there is a 126 page AIF service file for Lloyd Senior online:

    View digital copy
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    It's absolutely fascinating. There are a series of letters being exchanged between the Australians and the British who appears to offer Norman a role in a munitions factory - he prefers the offer of the field commission- it's only as you read that you discover that he was studying engineering at university before joining the army and that the British wanted him for the tank corps. Thank you for finding the service file for me - The children at our local school will be fascinated by this. In later life Norman ran the Friden Brickworks near Buxton. Michael was his only child.

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