Flt Sgt Peter Brown RIP

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    Good to know, though on BBC R4 Today programme Reverend (Group Captain) Ruth Hake, who was to officiate spoke in platitudes, missing how long he had served in the RAF (which the BBC item says nowt).
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    Brown flew five operations in Lancaster`s in early 1945, and after the war stayed on in the RAF for several years, serving in Palestine, Egypt, Tripoli and Malta until his final demob in 1950.

    Remembering Flt Sgt Peter Brown > RAF Families Federation

    If his service is correct then the two medals shown at his funeral must be to represent his medal award rather than his actual entitlement ? Died in December 22 that`s a long time to wait to be laid to rest ,Originally planned for March ? Still a long time to keep him .


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    Squadron records show 2225059 Peter Brown was posted in to 625 Sqn 13/5/45 from 1668 Conversion Unit as Wop/Air in the crew of 55279 Joseph Vernon Turner. They show the crew flying three 'Post Mortem' sorties 25/6/45, 29/6/45 and 1/7/45 and three 'Dodge' sorties 2/8/45, 17/8/45 and 1/9/45. Peter Brown also flew another 'Post Mortem' sortie with the Boyden crew 5/7/45. Regards.
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    Never heard of that before can you give an update what it means thank you
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    Post Mortem was a programme of post war exercises flown to test German radar and electronic defences, mostly towards Flensburg, I believe. Dodge were sorties returning allied military personnel from Italy. Regards.
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    I wondered about the medals too, Kyle, that surely there must be more, or is it answered by msimpson’s post #4? Pardon my ignorance.

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