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    After discovering Lt. M.M.J. Raymond MC, of F Coy., 8th Rifle Brigade, was a KRRC officer, I finally found the file for his MC recommendation... I thought. However, his citation is not included in the files sent to me by TNA. Has anyone maybe copied the actual/original files, including Raymond's recommendation?
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    How strange and unfortunate. Raymond's citation seems to be just about the only one you cannot download individually?
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    True. Files received have what seems like at least 100 citations, but not his one... :banghead:
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    The file description says it includes the London Gazette to the 12th July - but the downloadable files all end on LG 21st June 1945. So it could just be they haven't been included in the download. Unusually they have included all NW Europe citations from May to June in one download - usually it is one download for each citation. I tried the very next file - WO 373/55/1 (Recommendation for Award for Bellamy, Robert Hugh Rank: Acting Brigadier) and that has reverted to a single download.

    I would write to the National Archives and ask them to investigate why all the LG citations from 12th July are missing from the end of the downloadable files.
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    Have you waded through the whole of that particular WO 373 file, as sometimes they are not, believe it not, in date order! Also sometime they have the LG date incorrect, but not in this case as I checked via google! It might be worth downloading the file (for free) and doing it page by page, unless I have missed that you have already done that! Good luck,
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    Yes, have done so, three times. No luck... :wacko:
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    I have the official history of KRRC in WW2 and whilst it does state that Lt Raymond was an officer in the KRRC, he is not on the complete list of MC recipients.

    It also says below that 8 Btn was disbanded and its men was used to fill the other battalions in NWE who had suffered lots of casualties.

    KRRC Association

    So there's a good chance that he wasn't in 8 Btn in NWE either.

    FMP casualty lists has him wounded on 18/08/44 in NWE, later corrected to not a battle casualty and entry deleted, no Btn mentioned. At least that means he was in NWE.

    Maybe someone has a WD.

    Hope this helps

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    No doubt about him being in NWE as part of 8th Rifle Brigade, like many other KRRC officers and other ranks, which were sent as reinforcements after their own battalion was broken up. Photos below: page from 8RB May 1945 WD and page from 8BR F Coy History.

    Raymond in 8RB WD May 1945.jpg Raymond in F Coy History.jpg

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