Field General Court Martial

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Tomed1, Sep 15, 2015.

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    Does anybody know if the records of Field General Court Marshalls in Tunisia are available. I am interested in one on the 19 March 1943 involving 142 Bty Lt.A,A. Some years ago I found at the NA records of FGCM of the 1WW but I have tried all variations in my search now but nothing comes up.

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    In my post I put the date as 19 March but it should have been 19 Feb 1943.
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    While any editing is being done, can we have the thread title corrected to "Martial" ?

    Thanks !

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    My apologies Ron, another senior moment. Thanks to Captionless for directing me as to where I may find the info. I am seeking.
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    No,,,,, it should be me apologising for drawing attention to a typo !

    Keep at it and I'm sure that help will be forthcoming from our very clued up forum members

    Best wishes

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    If you go to Kew give yourself plenty of time....I still have nightmares about those registers :lol:

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