Field Ambulances and Clearing Stations (Burma)

Discussion in 'RAMC' started by Pete Keane, May 10, 2009.

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    Pete Keane -I have the 54 Field Ambulance diaries for 1945 if you don't already have them. My grandfather was an R.A.M.C Captain in the 54 Field Ambulance but he died on February 7th, 1944 in the Admin Box in Burma. Interestingly, on his service record I found a bit about the Lancs Regt - not sure what the letters are just before that - Looks like "YTBS Lancs Regt" attd for duty as Medical Officer. So when I was poking around - I too found Manny's website, and wondered if Manny had met my grandfather while he was in the hospital in Secunderabad. The timing looks right. Anyway, I don't know much about the Lancs yet. I am also looking for the apparently missing 1944 54 Ambulance Unit diaries if anyone should ever come across them misfiled or otherwise.
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    Gosh - I do need bifocals. I read 5A Ambulance as 54 Ambulance. Apologies!

    Although that does make me wonder if the missing 54 re in the 5A file at KEW!

    Actually, I was looking at the excel files elsewhere on this board that someone posted that contain the WO numbers for the medical unit diaries and couldn't actually see a 5A ambulance unit. Is it possible that it is the 54th? Or is it just missing as well?
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    Does anyone know where 23 CCS was or 45 Field Ambulance was as well??

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    Apologies for delay, life has intervened!

    Yes, 54 Ambulance quite likely instead of 5A, thanks for that.


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