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    Following Cee’s post on Pte. Gerald Clarke - aircraft shot down on D-Day crash site of F/Lt. Jones. The original location of F/O. Harvey Edgar Jones’ grave was map reference 194711 Jones' stick consisted of 1 & 2 Sections, No. 1 Platoon. ‘A’ Company, 8th Parachute Battalion Lt. Whiteley

    Pte. Wakefield, Pte. Coulton, Cpl. Megson (WIA), Sjt. Reading, Pte. Butler, L/Cpl. Dunning, Pte. Simmons, Pte. Callaghan, Pte. Holloway, Pte. Walton (KIA 6.6.44), Pte. Bailey, L/Cpl. Frost, Pte. Newell, Pte. Anderson, Pte. Edwards, Pte. Holmes, Pte. Billington (KIA 6.6.44, Pte. Artus, Sjt. Iliffe (KIA 6.6.44).

    It’s believed that the stick were dropped just outside Herouvillette and Escoville over Bavent woods finishing outside Troarn.

    In a statement 17th June 1944 Daldorph explains what happened:

    When Colonel Pearson (8th Parachute Bn) went on patrol to pick up six injured men on the night 7th/8th June the farm they were heading for was Madame Duhamel’s farm, Duhamel's 20 year old son was killed by an explosive from the aircraft.

    8th Para Diary reports on patrol: "Recce patrol to BURES to see if held and to report whether it was possible to salvage A Tk gun and Jeep from river. Patrol reported impossible to salvage A Tk gun but they brought back a Sgt of the 9th Bn. who reported that there were 6 casualties from a wrecked A/C outside BASSENEVILLE 1870 in a farm at 194708. C.O. decided to bring them in that night. Strong patrol to bring back wounded from farm at BASSENEVILLE. Strength - C.O. 3 Offrs. 1 Pl "A" coy, Mortar pl, M.G. pl. Total - 4 Offrs 60 O.R.s. and two Jeeps. Reason for the strength of the patrol was that the Jeeps could not go any further than BURES since bridges were blown and it would be necessary to carry the wounded some 3 miles. 5 stretcher cases, 1 walking wounded and 2 unwounded O.R.s were brought back. No incidents to report."

    The aerial photographs shows the invasion stripes of the aircraft taken on 12th June 1944 by Lt. J.T. Cameron, 27th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron USAAF.

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    That is excellent material on the death F/O. H.E. Jones and good to have all together in one post. I think we may have discussed this crash in another thread or two in passing but not to the depth that you have done here. Well done!

    Regards ...
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    There are some inaccuracies here that need clearing up.I would be very happy to share all the data I have on Harvey Edgar Jones and that crash in Basseneville on D-day.My father was the wag on board.I have many details of what actually happened after the crash.(even actual letters from the DuHamel family that saved him and many others.) I will be visiting that site April 2,2022.
    My father was Cobby Engelberg. He named me after Harvey Edgar Jones who sacrificed his life so my dad and others could survive.
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    Harvey welcome to the forum
    if you could place any info you have (if you dont mind sharing) on this thread forum members would be grateful

    thank you

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    ok, I will post a bit, but after my trip to Basseneville (with my host's permission) I can post more. I am meeting the family that has been living on the land where the crash occurred. They actually found a piece of that aircraft and that prompted them to research the crash. After many years they found me and asked if I knew of a Cobby Engelberg involved in that crash.More to follow....

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    Thank you Harvey much appreciated and well done

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