F.A.A. HMS Spurwing Do you know anyone in this photo?

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    I am continuing my quest for more information about HMS Spurwing and thought this photo might provide some leads.

    My dad left this photo amongst his collection and I wondered if anyone knows any of the other people in it. It is the Radio Section of HMS Spurwing (RNAS Hastings, Freetown, Sierra Leone) in June 1944.
    It's one of the few photos where my dad identified anyone. He is the tall chap in the middle of the back row.

    Back: L - R
    J Ridgway, A. Jones, N. Buckle (my dad), C. Perry, W. Rowlands
    Front: L - R
    F Knowldon, G. Quick, S/Ldr Mumby, D. Ball, A Hutchinson

    Any info greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Cathy aka Noreen

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  2. Noreen

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    guard of honour web.jpg

    March past web.jpg

    January 1944

    Visit to HMS Spurwing by Rear Admiral Peters who had just taken over the West Africa Command.

    Doesn't look as though anyone knows anyone who was at HMS Spurwing but I'll keep trying.

    Best wishes, Cathy aka noreen
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    Kindof todo with this one, my parners dad John Spiller was based here we think or on the flag ship in harbour. Didnt know if that name rang any bells, we knew he used to drive the comador around.
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    Hello i was wondering if anyone could help me my Grandad served in Fleet Air Arm on HMS Spurwing from 17th november 1944- 8th December 1944 as an air mechanic his name was Eric Charlesworth i dont think anyone will be alive that will recognise his name but i have just found his war records he went on to serve on Hms Daedalus.Waserwing,Saker,Hummingbird,and a few others before coming out on 9th may 1946.
    He started out on Hms Gosling in 5th april 1943 till 24 july 1943.
    I know from memory he was based in Nwe Yorks under statue of liberty and was responsible for keeping their aircraft in the air during the war but thats all i pretty much know ive googled various ships but with no luck.
    I do hope someone can help
    if you would like to email me kerrythornley@hotmail.com
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    Sorry I haven't responded to the replies to this topic. It looks like I forgot to click follow this topic so it's got lost in the mists of time. I found this info sheet about HMS Spuwing the other day. When I last looked at this site (some while ago now) this page hadn't been added so I found it interesting. http://www.royalnavyresearcharchive.org.uk/FAA-Bases/Hastings.htm#.VPiPm_msUnF
    I haven't come across that name but thanks.
    @Smudger Jnr
    That's my blog and I am thrilled that you saw it.
    My dad returned from HMS Spurwing in December 1944.Maybe he knew your Grandad. HMS Spurwing was a shore base as were HMS Gosling and HMS Daedalus. Gosling was, if I remember correctly, a training camp at Warrington and I think Daedalus was the HQ of the Fleet Air Arm and a training base at Lee on Solent. If you haven't seen this http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205154523 it's a photo of all the HMS Spurwing officers in March 1944. My dad's officer was Sub Lieut Munby on the back row so probably your Grandad would have known some of these guys too.
    All the best, Cathy aka Noreen

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