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  1. morrisc8

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    Just bought this 80 page booklet on Captured German Veh and Equipment Exhibition 1946, Has a name of Lt Hughes on it , anyone know what SJT was.
    German captured veh booklet.jpg German captured veh name.jpg
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  2. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    A few pages of the index and plan of the area. I have the original manual and photos of the Electrically Driven Carrier [the last two photos are just some of them] not in the Exhibition book.
    1946 vex ex.jpg 1946 vex ex page 2.jpg 1946 vex ex page 4.jpg Carrier elect.jpg extra long Carrier kb.jpg bren carrier 4e kb.jpg
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    Wasn't Chertsey also the the Army Tank Testing Centre where the first captured Tiger was assessed?
  4. idler

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    Could it be a sloppily-written STT - School of Tank Technology?
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