Ex Luftwaffe fighter pilot Ludwig Piller

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    Translated from an article by the Schwaebische Zeitung today.
    Ludwig passed away two days ago aged 106. RIP Ludwig
    Born with a farmer's family near Ingolstadt/Bavaria by chance met Ernst Udet who sponsored him to become a pilot, flying many different air-crafts during his exciting life.
    Ludwig survived many shot downs and emergency landings. Once in Russia at 4000 meters his aircraft was shot down. Together with the crew it took them 7 days and nights in snow and ice to reach the German troops.
    Eventually made POW by the US forces in 1945 he enjoyed over 80 years married life in Memmingen/Bavaria.
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    He was one of the final surviving German pilots from the Battle of Britain, and wrote some very interesting memoirs.

    Andrew A.
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    Interesting, I served as a conscript in Memmingerberg with the Luftwaffe in the late 80s.

    May he rest in peace.

    All the best


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