Escape from a firing squad...

Discussion in 'Special Forces' started by Wobbler, Oct 18, 2020.

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    What an incredible escape. The ultimate do or die situation.
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    Wasn’t it just. Incredible story.
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    Curious to note this in the article:
    An expensive book now - according to Amazon, at £56.95p. Cheaper from New Zealand, even with P&P: Air Commando by Serge Vaculik - AbeBooks

    Those who did not escape are shown here: Private Thomas James (Tot) Barker - Cookstown War Dead
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    Thanks very much for the Cookstown article.

    There’s only one copy “within the UK” on Abe and it’s the most expensive. Had a quick look on Ebay (several French copies there) and up popped lots of those wonderful old Commando comic books that held me spellbound as a boy.
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