Empire Air Training Scheme - The first 40 Australians

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    Group portrait of RAAF members of No 1 Course, Empire Air Training Scheme in Ottawa, Canada. These were the first Australian trainee pilots sent on the scheme.
    Bassingbourn Cum Kneesworth Cemetery Shirtcliffe_WJ EATS No1 Photo.001.jpg

    18 would die / 5 were POW / 1 POW escaped

    One is remembered today. (Shirtcliffe)

    After each trainee's name is noted his rank, awards and fate, obviously at a date subsequent to this photograph. Identified are:

    407071 Richard Lyndon Barrett (Sergeant, killed 30 June 1941 on operations over Germany);

    407072 John Miller Bishop (Flying Officer);

    400024 Thomas Raymond Breheny (Flying Officer);

    408000 George Maxwell Briggs (Pilot Officer, killed 10 May 1942 on operations over Malta);

    400025 Robert Balmain Campbell (Flying Officer, killed 23 July 1941 on operations over the North Sea);

    406004 Selwyn McKenzie Clark (Flight Lieutenant, DFC);

    407041 Montague Charles Carrington Cotton (Squadron Leader, DFC);

    400051 Ronald Gustave Damman (Sergeant, Prisoner of War (POW));

    407018 Robert Lindsay Davies (Pilot Officer);

    402000 Frederick Agnew Vance Drummond (Sergeant, died 8 May 1941 in an accident in Scotland);

    400054 Patrick Field (Sergeant, killed on operations over the Middle East);

    402002 Clive Mayor Hall (Flight Lieutenant, POW);

    408012 Philip Francis Grant Harbottle (Flying Officer, died 12 July 1942 in an accident in Queensland);

    406027 Kenneth Marshall Hicks (Pilot Officer, killed 17 August 1941 on operations over France);

    406012 Alexander McBride Kerr (Sergeant, POW);

    407077 John Kinnane (Flying Officer killed 1 July 1941 on operations over Denmark, Mentioned in Despatches);

    402048 George Lloyd (Flight Sergeant);

    408001 Michael Mayne Maxwell (Flying Officer);

    402004 Joseph Michael McCullough (Sergeant, killed 18 August 1941 on operations over the Middle East);

    400044 John Philip McKechnie (Flight Lieutenant, POW, DFC);

    404007 Eric William McLeod (Pilot Officer, died 25 March 1941 in an accident off Scotland);

    402005 Allan Frank McSweyn (Flight Lieutenant, POW, MC);

    407078 Ian Arthur Lace Milne (Sergeant, POW);

    400045 David Knaggs Oak-Rhind (Pilot Officer, killed 21 May 1941 on operations over the English Channel);

    400030 Eugene Hugh O'Neill (Squadron Leader, DSC, DFC);

    400029 Laurance David Orbuck (Sergeant, killed 10 April 1942 on operations over Germany);

    407079 William Ronald Phillips (Pilot Officer, killed 28 May 1941 on operations over United Kingdom);

    402007 Alexander Cyffin Roberts (Flight Lieutenant, escaped POW, Mentioned in Despatches);

    400031 Keith Edward Robinson (Flight Lieutenant, DFC, AFC, Polish Flying Badge);

    407019 Maxwell Robert Ross (Sergeant, killed on operations over north west Europe);

    402008 Arthur George Schwager (Flight Sergeant, killed on operations over the Middle East);

    402041 Thomas William Scott (Flight Lieutenant);

    407021 Frank Gemmel Sheppard (Flight Lieutenant);

    400032 William John Shirtcliffe (Pilot Officer, died 25 February 1941 in an accident in United Kingdom);

    402009 Eric Blair Tainton (Flight Lieutenant);

    402011 Robert James Uhrig (Sergeant, died 10 April 1941 in an accident in United Kingdom);

    400033 Ernest Valentine Walliker (Flight Lieutenant);

    400048 Peter Frank Wilson (Flight Lieutenant);

    407023 Francis Ainslie Wood (Flying Officer);

    408003 Jack Steven Righards Woolnough (Flight Sergeant, died 17 January 1942 in an accident in United Kingdom).
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    Dear All, I am doing some research into the EATS in Rhodesia and was looking for some information on both the Elementary and Advanced courses, what their duration and subjects covered and also the flying training itself. Could someone please steer me onto any sources on EATs, this particularly is applicable to the RAAF trainees who passed through Rhodesia on their way to the UK in 1941-1942 period. I would also wonder if there are photos and lists of trainees and where they were assigned to in each of the three locations in Rhodesia? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Best,

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