eBay photo auction - Prostitution in liberated France

Discussion in 'The Women of WW2' started by Rich Payne, May 17, 2008.

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    This now finished auction has been mentioned on the 'Wehrmacht Awards' forum.

    An aspect of wartime that is rarely written about and even less commonly photographed.

    eBay 230240365166

    There is no nudity in the pictures but they are crude. The portrait of De Gaulle in the window looking on amused me.

    I wonder if the G.I.'s grandchildren will recognise him in the pictures ?;)
  2. von Poop

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  3. Arsenal vg-33

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    The world's oldest profession.

    $1023 implies to me that some specialised collector is rather pleased with themselves. Quite a bid history from a $3.99 start, the seller must be rather chuffed too.

    That... or a veteran recognized himself in the photos. ;)
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    Reminds me how ugly my first bird was!!!:eek::eek:

    She was no looker but boys did she have a pair of P47's on her:blush:

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