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    I am conducting research into the men on the King’s School Worcester war memorials The intention is to produce a commemorative book to mark the end of WW1. I am looking to find details of how men were killed and if possible obtain a photograph of the individual. Could anyone help with the following casualty?

    DIXON, James Humphrey Ferris Major 92241 East Yorkshire Regiment 5th Btn HOTTOT-LES-BAGUES WAR CEMETERY, France killed 11/06/1944
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    Hello Mark,

    I can look this up in the battalion history for you this evening.

    The 5th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment was brigaded with the 6th & 7th Bns Green Howards, 69th Infantry Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division, and were a 1st wave assault battalion on Gold Beach on D-Day.

    They had previously fought in Belgium/France with the BEF (1940), the Western Desert early 1942 up to just before victory in Tunisia, then Sicily 10 July 1943 as assault battalion to victory and then home to prepare for D-Day.


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    Hull Daily Mail 22 June 1944

    Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 09.36.02.png
    Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 09.35.48.png
    Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 09.36.19.png

    Hull Daily Mail 07 May 1942

    Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 09.46.59.png

    Hull Daily Mail 11 July 1935

    Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 09.43.12.png

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    There several family trees on Ancestry but none include a photo - but perhaps the creators of a tree have some they have not posted

    James Humphrey Ferris Dixon
    Birth: 20 July 1914 (20 Jul 1914) - Yorkshire
    Death: 11 June 1944 (11 Jun 1944)
    Marriage: About June 1942 (Jun 1942) - Tynemouth, Northumberland
    F: Norman Dixon
    M: Ada Mary Ferris

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    Absolutely brilliant thank you so much for your reply and a photo too!
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    From the battalion history ‘The Story of The 5th Battalion The East Yorkshire Regiment TA’ (Garwood), Page 147:
    This officer was on the Roll of Officers dated 23 April 1940, as 2nd Lt. JHF Dixon.
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    Thank you for all that information Steve TD and Guy. Most useful.
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    I was recently looking through some old ww2 photos that belonged to my Grandad, Stanley Inman (4347638), and came across this picture of James Humphrey Ferris Dixon. The writing on the back of the photo (in my Grandads handwriting) states :-
    5th E. Y. R

    James Humphrey Ferris Dixon

    Killed in action
    July 10th 1944
    Buried at
    St Ledger

    Screenshot_20191231-191702.png Screenshot_20191231-191931.png
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