Early war Dover Western Heights Garrisons (Citadel, Grand Shaft Barracks)

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    I am trying to piece together a chronology of the Dover Western Heights garrisons, particularly the Grand Shaft Barracks but also including the Citadel and South Front Barracks amongst others.

    The reason is that I have recently discovered graffiti from soldiers from all the units listed below in the Drop Redoubt, a Napoleonic fort that overlooks the old barracks site. As a member of a local historical group that maintains the old forts, I really would like to obtain a working chronology so that we can inform the public on our guided tours.

    Much of the graffiti is sadly destroyed but enough remains to establish the following. Unfortunately not all the Battalion numbers survive which makes it very difficult to hunt the required War Diaries.

    Oct 1939 - South Staffordshire Rgt
    Nov 1939 - 1st Training Militia
    1939 - Royal Fusiliers
    1940? - Royal Irish Fusiliers
    1940 - East Surrey Rgt
    July 1940 -Nov 1940 3rd Irish Guards (Training) confirmed dates
    Nov 1940 -Feb 1941 5th Dorsets confirmed dates
    Feb 1941 - ? 1941 11th Buffs
    ??? 1st Welsh Guards

    ??? 9th? Green Howards

    If anyone here could help pin down details of any of the above, or indeed any others, it would be very much appreciated.

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