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  1. Trying to find info on Edward Carson Morrison. Believe he was born between 1920-1925 in the Pictou area. Was told he served in the Durham Light Infantry, in the 8th and 10 th battalions. Served overseas 1944-1945.
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    Of course the 70th Infantry Brigade, of which the 10th Bn Durham Light Infantry were part, was broken-up on 20 August 1944 and its men dispersed mainly to the 50th (Northumbrian) Division and the 51st (Highland) Division, as replacements.

    The 151st Infantry Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division, was made-up of the 6th, 8th & 9th Bns Durham Light Infantry. It may be possible, therefore, that E.C. Morrison was transferred to the 8th Bn Durham Light Infantry at this time; and hence the reference to it.

    I have the 8th Battalion history and will check to see if he is referenced therein. I will have to read through as it has no appendix. I will revert if and when I find a reference to him, or if there is no reference to him at all.
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    I was thrown a bit by the fact that Kyle’s link in his post above: CANLOAN – Officers with British Regiments | SWWEC shows that Carson E Morrison (note the forenames are vice versa the opening post), is stated as being first with the 8th Bn and after posted to the 10th Bn Durham Light Infantry. It didn’t make sense given that the 10th Bn was broken-up on the 20th August 1944, whilst the 8th Bn was still active. I would have expected the postings to be the other way around.

    On the 9 August 1944, the 8th Bn Durham Light Infantry took part in an advance south from Le Plessis Grimault towards the La Rivière feature, two miles south of Mont Pincon. Zero-hour was midday, with ‘C’ and ‘D’ Companies leading, ‘D’ Company on the left.

    The battalion history ‘8th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry 1939-1945’ (Majors PJ Lewis and I R English), at page 266, states:
    I have a picture in my head of what may have happened for Lt. EC Morrison to be posted to the 10th Bn. I need to do more reading to find any other references to this officer and then I will write again!
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  5. Thank you. Interesting !
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    The only other mention in the aforementioned Battalion history is at page 258, which states:
    The words in square brackets are added by me to aid understanding.

    Note: Lt. EC Morrison is shown as Lt. FE Morrison. This is a typo. The index (new book with index bought) shows Lt. Stuart as ‘Lt. FE Stuart’.

    Of the 4 Canloan Lieutenants:

    1. Lt. FE Stuart - has no further mention in the Battalion history;
    2. Lt. EC Morrison - was wounded on the 9 August 1944 (see message No. 4 above);
    3. Lt. H Niznick - was killed in action on 8 September 1944 during the battle of Gheel, just after the Albert Canal crossing at Steelen/shellfire; and
    4. Lt. GH Luffman - was killed in action on 1 August 1944 at Sermentot/mine or booby-trap.

    The Battalion history, at page 279, notes that at the time of his death Lt. Niznick had been the sole remaining Canadian officer. Lt FE Stuart is not listed on the CWGC as killed, so he must have been wounded and out of action prior to 8 September 1944.

    Two killed and two wounded within 81 days of joining the 8th Bn Durham Light Infantry.

    I should add that, I believe that Lt. EC Morrison was likely badly injured such that when he had convalesced he was not fit enough to rejoin the fighting and so was sent to the 10th Bn Durham Light Infantry, which was by now out of the line and at ‘home’ in the UK.
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