Dunkirk Operation Dynamo Evacuation Beaches

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  1. JCB

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    Is it laid on a rocky scar ?
    There are rocky scars behind it , maybe not Dunkirk.
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    No the 'crow's nest was on many ships, on an ordinary trading ship it was for a longtime the lookout's place. But on a fishing type vessel, which this is, it was commonly where the whale spotter (not sure what the proper term is) was. The ship on the right was in naval service, witness the gun on the forecastle (and on the tug that was towing it). That said both could well be French - I don't know what LT signifies. Strange that the tug also has a crows nest - suppose the alternative is mine spotting or U-boat periscope spotting, but as they are both so small I can't really understand why anyone would want to go aloft to see them?
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    2nd photo wreck hms grenade in the harbour of Dunkirk
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    Malo terminus.
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    I can't help but thinking that the front bus in this view may actually be an ex Northern Ireland Road Transport Board vehicle rather than ex Bartons. I would love to find more images of this if possible....

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