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    Hello members,
    I recently bought a GSM clap Palestine to 7888800 Trooper Albert Berkley Stewart of the Royal Tank Corps. Bought from his daughter (sad I know). She supplied me with his red soldiers service book, a photo of him, red discharge book and small Royal Tank Corps cap badge. By his service list he is probably entitled to an Africa Star 8th Army group for WW2 service. A bit of a mystery is his France (BEF) dates of 23/5/40 to 17/6/40, wasn't the last evacuation on 4th June 1940? Any advice on this would be gladly received.

    As a bit of a side issue, the capbadge that the daughter supplied is a small type, his photo clearly shows him with a large capbadge. Did the Tankies wear small capbadges with another headress? He was a driver mechanic.

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  2. Uncle Target

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    Operation Dynamo ended 4th June .
    Not everyone came out at Dunkirk. There was also BEF2 sent in later for diplomatic reasons.

    British Expeditionary Force (World War II) - Wikipedia

    You might get some more useful info from others who specialise in this period.
    Although no one has turned up to help on my 67 Field Regt in the BEF thread yet!
    I think its holiday time in mainland Europe.
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    No 1 Dress (?) collar dog:

    Both the 4th and 7th RTR fought in France as part of the British Expeditionary Force. At Arras on 21 May 1940, they smashed into the rear of Rommel’s 7th Panzer Division to good effect but both Regiments suffered heavily. Many of the survivors escaped via Dunkirk. 3 RTR fought in the defence of Calais in late May 1940 and in June, 2nd and 5th RTR took part in the fighting withdrawal to Cherbourg.
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    Small RTR badge is most likely a collar dog.

    As Uncle T said , look at the Second BEF that went to Normandy in June 1940.

    Or Operation Aerial where they evacuated them from other ports.

    Operation Aerial - Wikipedia
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    In the words of the RTR's own website: "...and in June 2nd and 5th RTR took part in the fighting withdrawal to Cherbourg."
    Most of the 52nd Lowland Division and the remnants of the 1st Armoured Division embarked from 15 to 17 June.
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    As Owen says Operation Aerial. Among the sailings on 17th June were those from Le Havre and Cherbourg (Cycle) St Malo and St Nazaire, the last being the most likely. In all 139,812 British troops were evacuated during this operation,together with 46,415 Allied troops ( Poles and Czechs in the main). The operation is little known, possibly because it was mainly carried out by merchant ships. I have posted the War Diary in Resources on this site.
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    Excellent information, thanks to all. He was only with the BEF for 26 days, 23rd May to 17th June 1940. He made it out to serve in the Middle East Theatre for 2 years. The Certificate of Service, red book, is vital for research in his case. As is his Soldiers Service Book, pics attached

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    Operation XD.M - St Malo, 16th June - 18th June. Take a look at Operation XD. Demolition parties, joint operations army and navy to destroy oil reserves and infrastructure.
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    As just mentioned, Operation XD.M was active in St Malo on 17/18th June. As a result, there is some evidence from reports around that time that the last official BEF and 'straggler' evacuations took place on 17th June. There were just a few who made it out on small boats from the St Helier Yacht Club on 18th/19th alongside members of Op XD.M

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    Thanks very much for that information

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