Dunkirk and France 1940 Campaign Books

Discussion in '1940' started by Drew5233, Dec 26, 2009.

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    I found it an extremely interesting read.
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    'Six Weeks of Blenheim Summer'

    This one is a real gem, I hope you enjoy it. In my opinion the best account from a light bomber pilot from the Battle of France. Fingers crossed there are more detailed accounts awaiting discovery in attics.

    'And then there was one' by Sir Gareth Clayton needs a proper release as well.
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    The Children Who Fought Hitler - A British Outpost in Europe
    This book has a detailed account of how the Commonwealth War Graves Commission staff based in Ypres escaped from France.

    Its also very good on how the CWGC was set up and operated between the wars .

    The title yet again is a complete misnomer. Can only assume booksellers won't publish something unless it has Hitler in the title !
    Cheap as chips on Amazon.

    The Children who Fought Hitler: Amazon.co.uk: James Fox & Sue Elliott, James Fox: 9781848540873: Books

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    Due from Helion in April 2019

    Book blurb:
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    Nice - I wonder if he found the map of all the defences on the Gort Line constructed by the BEF. I still can't remember what diary it's in.
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    The Thurlow book looks interesting -- does anyone know who he is and his credentials. The only Dave Thurlow I can find who is an author was writing back in the 90s about gory crimes in Norfolk. Assume this is a different Dave Thurlow.
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    From Amazon:

    After Graduating From Reading University, Dave Worked For A Short Period As A Chartered Accountant Before Opting For A Change Of Career Into Conservation. He Currently Works As A Warden For The Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds On The North Suffolk Coast. As Well As Birds And Wildlife, His Other Interests Are The Great War And The Second World War, And In Particular Defence Works In Both Wars - Field Works And Concrete. He Is A Member Of The Western Front Association And The Pillbox Study Group.
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    Found this one in the D Day section of the bookshop at Kew yesterday.

    “The Ships Involved in Operation Dynamo - May 26th to June 4th”. Authors Jean Poirriez and Keith Batchelor.

    59 pages. Mainly text with a few photos.



    DSCF6667  M.jpg
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    Jerry Murland's latest is due out next week.

    The Canal Line

    It would seem that the hitherto largely unrecorded loss of a large part of 2nd Infantry Division might receive a decent level of attention at last.
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  11. Drew5233

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    I can state there's some new info in it about Ervine-Andrews VC action that was discovered by me this year.
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    Now you have said that I had to find out what his VC was for
    UK, Victoria Cross Medals, 1857-2007
    Name: Harold Marcus Ervine-Andrews
    Birth Date: 29 Jul 1911
    Birth Place: Cavan, Ireland
    Death Date: 30 Mar 1995
    Death Place: Gorran, Cornwall

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    My mistake - The Ervine Andrews info will be in the next book after this one on the Dunkirk perimeter.


    Barbed-wire doctor : brigadier A. CROOK - 1996 Pentland Press
    He was the doctor of the 2nd Warwicks based Wormhout in may 1940
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    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

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    Mentioned earlier but now showing up on Amazon with an August 2019 release date.
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  17. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    I have an electronic version already and can confirm it's going to be released in time for the 79th anniversary, May this year ;)
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    I'm sure some frequenting this thread already know about this one but it's shown up on Amazon with an early 2020 release date.
  19. Orwell1984

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    This showed up on Amazon. He's written a book on the BEF in WW1 addressing the same topic. This is his WW2 crack it seems.
    Due November 2020 (very tentative give Helion is the publisher)
    A Great Feat of Improvisation: Logistics and the British Expeditionary Force in France 1939-1940

  20. JCB

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    Looks like he is well qualified for
    'redressing the long-standing lacuna in the historiography of the BEF'
    With 40 years in military logistics.

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