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    You might try 1940, The Last Act by Basil Karslake, the son of General Karslake, published in 1979. It covers the period up to 20 June, so it ignores the evacuation of Bordeaux, Le Verdon and St Jean de Luz, and, I think, the south of France. Because he mainly sourced his information from his father's papers it has more on the situation in France and the strange set up where the British Divisions were under French command, and could only communicate with one another by that route.
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    Due March 2018:
    Armor Camouflage & Markings of the British Expeditionary Force, France 1939-1940: Part 1: 1st Army Tank Brigade

    By Robert Gregory

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    Thank you Roy and Drew.
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    Some sample pages from this book “Armor Camouflage & Markings of the British Expeditionary Force, France 1939–1940 Part 1: 1st Army Tank Brigade” here Model Centrum Progres


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    My Dad was at Calais and was evacuated on 25/05/1940, I have the Defence of Calais by Linklater and will read with interest. He was a mess when he got home, couldn't remember anything about how he got back to the UK or how he got home. I suspect he didn't want to worry his parents or Mum. He was posted to Aldershot 2 days later, a very short time to recover.
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    If your Dad was in a front line unit and had his 48 hrs leave, then on return to his temporary camp he would probably be prioritised to get back to the place of his parent unit asap. They were needed to reform fast to defend against invasion. Line of communication troops (rear echelons) were last to be sorted and given rail warrants. That's my experience having gone through the Operation Dynamo orders at the National Archives and tested it with mixed train loads of troops sent to a temporary camp.
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    Dad was in the RASC, he got to Calais possibly after returning to France after 10 days leave in the UK, what I don't understand is that he after 48 hrs leave he was at Aldershot for 2 weeks and then was posted to a petrol filling centre. Seems cruel after the traumatic events in Calais
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    Here is the wording from the Operation Aerial plan. It may seem cruel but everyone was treated the same, my granfather included. They thought the enemy was coming.
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    Scheduled for December 2018


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    That brown colour on the colour plates looks a little suspicious! I would have thought it should be greener.
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    The illustration inside is greener, Chris. It seems to be the cover printing that has caused the brownness. There are lots of new to me photos in it. I'm quite amazed by the quantity of images of abandoned armour at Arras.
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    Useless Mouths: The British Army's Battles in France After Dunkirk, May-june 1940


    Dec 2018

    Amazon Blurb:
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    The Blurb does not seem to match the title of the book or the subtitle on cover ??
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    Would you be able to post the rest of that document, please?
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    Nov 2018


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  19. Gage

    Gage The Battle of Barking Creek

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    Jonathan Ball It's a way of life.

    Bought this the other day and so far it's been a decent read.

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