Dunkirk 1940 photos some never before seen.

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    dunkirk beach boat 1940 1a.jpg Just bought this photo. The boat to the left. German troops on the beach photo 2. One other boat on the beach from another photo i have. Photo 1 is the The Princess Lily (Thames Passenger Launch) ? I don`t think they are the same boats ? unless it was moved by the tide.
    dunkirk beach boat 1940 kb.jpg
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    One more from the same german who took the other photo on the beach
    There is a name on the ship under the xxx, but cant make it out. French ship Chassur 9 ?
    dunkirk beach boat kb.jpg
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    C’est la devise de la Marine nationale française : Honneur Patrie Valeur Discipline. c 'est le mot Valeur que l’on voit sut la photo.
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    Merci vermesch.
    Thank you vermesch for this info. [ This is the motto of the French Navy: Honor Fatherland Value Discipline. It’s the word Value that we see in the photo.]
    dunkirk beach boat kb name.jpg
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    What an amazing story, it's hard to imagine how terrifying it must have been for the brave men and women who endured the long year's of war
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