Doodles B.E.F Retreat to Dunkirk etc

Discussion in '1940' started by soren1941, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. soren1941

    soren1941 Living in Ypres

    Hi Guys

    I thought I'd show you some of todays doodles

    'Bravehearts' Scots soldier rearguard/last stand Ypres 1940
    German tank Russia
    and a little sketch of Piper Millin

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  2. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    As usual excellentie ! I rather like the Jock one ;)
  3. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin


    Again, excellent sketches. I like the Quad, you have captured it well, it is not an easy shape to draw.


  4. soren1941

    soren1941 Living in Ypres

    Thank - you Chaps!
  5. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Stick to people mate.
    They're great, full of life.

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