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    NewspaperSG, digitised free newspapers from the National Library Board, Singapore includes a publication
    Shonan Times/ Syonan Shimbun for the period 1942 - 1945.
    Digitised Homepage

    This is a Japanese Occupation newspaper in English, for details see
    Propaganda Paper | BiblioAsia

    ...the newspapers today provide a wealth of archival information about daily life during the Occupation years.[2]

    The first issue of The Shonan Times, dated 20 February 1942, was printed in English at 140 Cecil Street, the former premises of The Straits Times, Singapore’s English daily that the Japanese forces took over. The very next day, the paper was renamed The Syonan Times and sold for five cents each.[3] On 8 December 1942, the publication was renamed again, to Syonan Sinbun, this time in commemoration of the first anniversary of the Dai Toa Senso (Greater East Asia War). Its price was hiked to seven cents and a Japanese morning edition was introduced, with the English version turned into an afternoon edition.[4] On the second anniversary of the war, the paper’s name was changed one final time to The Syonan Shimbun, which it retained until its last issue on 4 September 1945.[5]

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