Deserters (Bit of a strange one)

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  1. So there's a family story, you know the one's that get passed down, might be your Dad was told by his Dad and so on.
    My Great Grandfather apparently said that he was called up and enlisted in the army with his mate, but his mate was killed by the military police (No idea why) and that after that my great grandad did a runner. Apparently they eventually caught up with him, no idea what the punishment was as he clearly wasn't shot.
    How would I find information on this? Is there a deserters/court martial list anywhere?
    He was born in 1912, so I can only assume this would have been somewhere around 1930 (When he'd have been 18) onwards
    Thank you for any help and suggestions!
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  2. Paul Bradford

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    If he was called up and enlisted, there will be a record of his service, so the first thing would be for you to apply for that. Make sure that you have all of the details correct so as to a) get the correct record b) not get a negative search.
    On his record there would be details of infractions.
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  3. travers1940

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    Until at least 1927 details of army deserters were posted in The Police Gazette, and details sent to the man's local police as well. I realise that unless your G-Grandfather joned as a boy soldier or had lied about his age he will not be in this set of records. These records till 1927 are on several major genealogy sites such as ancestry.

    Hoping another forum member will be able to confirm what happened after 1927.
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  4. horsapassenger

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    I recently received a person’s Service record who had clearly served time in a Military Prison - however the details of the offence and punishment had been redacted. The accompanying letter from the MoD stated “In accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 legislation, and ‘Spent’ Discipline records/convictions that may have been held in an individual’s personal file, will have been redacted/removed"
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  5. CL1

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    If you gave the name and date of birth i am sure forum members can prove or disprove the story or truth and you can apply for any relevant record
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