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    Hi My Uncle was Dennis Fox I wondered if anyone here has any photos of anything ref to him sadly most of our family photos etc have been lost due to a flood (australia weather)

    Thank you for your time
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    Hi Stu,

    Do you know his rank and what unit he was with? There is a Lt. Dennis Fox with the Ox & Bucks and a Pte. Dennis Fox with 7 Para who both saw action at Pegasus Bridge on D-Day.

    Regards ...
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  3. stu1964

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    Lt. Dennis Fox with the Ox & Bucks glider 6
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    I'm very sorry to hear you have lost photos and other documents pertaining to your uncle due to flooding. As you know the activities of Lt. Dennis Fox on D-Day are fairly well known and covered in several books devoted to the Coup de Main raid to capture bridges over the Caen Canal and River Orne on D-Day. He was the Commander of 17 Platoon, B Coy whose Horsa glider came down correctly landing close to the Orne River Bridge. His men were quickly out and not soon after had driven off the German guards and took control of the bridge.

    One of the better books to tell the story of the British Airborne invasion on D-Day is "The Pegasus and Orne Bridges" by Neil Barber. Most of his information on your uncle comes from a personal account given during an audio interview. The interview is listed on the IWM site but is not available to listen to unfortunately.

    Here is the only photo I could find so far which shows your uncle standing to right next to his friend Lt. Richard ‘Sandy’ Smith Commander of 14 Platoon, B Coy whose glider (No.3) was one the three that landed at Pegasus Bridge. There must be others about?

    Lieutenants ‘Sandy’ Smith and Dennis Fox.png

    Regards ...
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    Major Dennis Fox was my company commander when I served in 'A' Company of the 1st Bn Oxford and Bucks in Germany in the '50s. He was a very good officer. I understand that his mother was the Marchioness of Downshire.
    Fox was in charge of the party of Oxford and Bucks soldiers (then 1st Green Jackets) who were extras in the filming of The Longest Day in 1961. I attach a photo and newspaper cuttings of this event which include Fox. A comrade of mine who was one of the party took the photo - sorry about the quality!
    There is a Wikipedia entry for Dennis Fox.

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    OMG thank you so much,Roy,Cee I really do appreciate this.
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    Hello. I don't know if this is the right spot to write. Dennis was my Godfather. Also my Mum was married to him. He was one of the greatest loves she had. I do have a few pics of him but gave a beautiful onex of him back to Owen Fox. I'm assuming you are related to Patrick Allen? Anyway. I would love to get in touch share my stories and pictures. I loved him. Write to me at I'm also on Facebook. Margaret Pokorny.
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