DD Sherman propeller specs?

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  1. George Blake

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    Hi guys,

    Took a punt on this piece recently thinking/hoping it might be off a Sherman DD. From what I can find online 18 inch diameter props were used, they were brass and visually distinct from those used on DUKWs. This prop is 18 inches in diameter, allegedly came from Normandy and is stamped 1943 which would fit the development period for DD tanks, including the Valentines. I believe the maker is Reynolds Son and Wardale Ltd of London who also made other ship based instruments, I think later production was moved entirely to the US.

    I know this is a longshot but any help would be appreciated.

    prop 1.JPG prop 2.JPG prop 3.JPG
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  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    This looks like the company

    T. A. Reynolds, Son and Wardale

    of 40-42 Percival Street, London, EC1. Telephone: Clerkenwell 6127. Cables: "Therbarome, London"

      • 1947 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Manufacturers of Scientific Instruments; Barometers, Thermometers, Barographs, Hydrographs, Salinometers, Surveying, Pocket and Ships Aneroids. Wholesale and Export only. (Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand No. E.1758) [1]
    T. A. Reynolds, Son and Wardale - Graces Guide

    Bonhams : D-Day: a propeller salvaged from an amphibious DD Sherman Tank M4A2 MK II, sunk on Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944
  3. George Blake

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    Thank you, I saw that Bonhams listing but all period images show 3-bladed props on DD tanks.
  4. Don Juan

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    The Valentine prop diameter was 24.5", fwiw, so definitely not from that.
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  5. George Blake

    George Blake Member

    Thank you. The more I look into it the less convinced I am. I took a punt and it looks like it hasn't paid off, oh well, still a nice propeller though.
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  6. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    George as you say its a nice prop

    I would have bought it myself

  7. Alec1935

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    You probably have seen this Duplex drive Sherman tanks which claim 18" diameter. I would point out that the Valentine prop may well have been bigger as there was only one rather than the two on the Sherman.


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