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    a lady brought into my studio an original fantastic quality Panoramic photo taken at Scampton of whole sqn a couple of days before the Damn raids its been taken on same day as the famous one of just the pilots guy gibson in front
    is this a common photo any help would be great one her relations is in the picture its very sharp IMG_9820.JPG

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    Mathew ,
    this was the Squadron photo taken after the raid , without checking the ORB from memory in July '43

  3. CharlesF

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    I agree with Dom. This is the whole squadron photographed in July 1943 after the Dams Raid. There are two versions of this taken on the same day, one of aircrew, one of aircrew and ground crew together. This looks like the latter, as there are men without winged badges in the standing rows. If it is an original of the latter, then this is much less common than the aircrew version. It's also a pretty big print!
    I don't have a copy of it myself, so if this lady is selling it, then I'd be happy to buy it. Alternatively, if you have a way of making a full size copy, then I'd also be willing to buy this, and put a scan up on the Dambusters Blog.
    Who is the the lady's relative?
    Charles -- Dambusters Blog
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  4. CharlesF

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    I wrote the above before I looked at the second attachment. It's definitely the picture of the whole squadron, aircrew and ground crew.
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    i will ask her when she pops by who her relative is......the image is very sharp like it was taken yesterday
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    The photograph was taken by someone from Bassano's, the well known studio whose collection is now in the National Portrait Gallery, with a specialist large format camera. On the aircrew picture the definition is so sharp you can see individual rings on the fingers of some of the men, including my uncle David Maltby in the front row. If you have the facility to make a large format copy, I'd very much like to get hold of it (with your client's permission of course).
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