Dambuster Raid Post War Headstone photo required in Canada

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  1. spidge


    If anyone can assist it would be much appreciated as it will fill in the gaps of the post war Dams Raid aircrews.

    F/Sgt Robert George Thomas Kellow (DFM) Australian.

    12/02/1988, Brookside Cemetery, Manitoba.
    3001 Notre Dame Avenue
    Situated immediately west of the Red River College and Route 90.

    Kellow Doreen Alice Roberta 88398 34-0599-0 3/28/1992 4/1/1992 Kellow Robert G. Thomas 83426 34-0598-0 2/12/1988 2/16/1988 Kellow Robert G.Thomas 43426 34-0598-0 2/12/1988 2/16/1988

    Not sure why he is listed twice.


    The best book on Les Knight (Dams Raid Pilot) and his Aircrew was written by his RAAF W/OP Bob Kellow, who later emigrated to Canada to live with his Canadian wife after living in Aussie after the war for a short period.

    He is now deceased and rests in Canada with his wife at Brookside Cemetery, Manitoba.

    The details are -

    Paths to Freedom
    Bob Kellow DFM RAAF

    Printed 1992
    by the Western Canada Aviation Museum
    Winnipeg Canada.


  2. DaveB

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    Cheers Spidge - I obviously can't help with getting the photo but thanks for the extra detail on the book he wrote.

    His obituary on one of the pages on the other thread lists him as "Airman & Author" but I couldn't find anything written by him held by the NLA.

    I didn't consider him writing his book in Canada.

    & I didn't know why he settled in Canada post-war. Details on his marriage to a Canadian girl has clarified that.....

  3. TomTAS

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    Hi Geoff,

    Just posted a note on Find a Grave Robert is on that but no photo... I'm asking for one

  4. spidge


    Thanks Tom,

    I should have thought of that.

    Randy has a mate looking for a one at Brookside for me so may be able to get this one also.

    Will let you know.
  5. spidge


    Hi Dave,

    One seller is charging $30+ for postage?????? :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
  6. DaveB

    DaveB Very Senior Member

    Apparently there are no copies of

    Paths to Freedom
    Bob Kellow DFM RAAF

    in any library in Australia according to the NLA

    I'm somewhat surprised at the lack of an autobiography by an Australian in the National holdings

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