Dambuster Bomb Sight for Auction

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Guy Hudson, Jan 13, 2015.

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    guy hudson.m.today 08:05 pm.re:dam busters bomb sight for auction.i hope whoever buys it remembers the crews,who had to use it in the raid.and to those who did not make it home may they rest in peace.regards bernard85 :poppy: :poppy:
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    I agree with Bernards Sentiments.

    The items should generate a lot of bidding and make a lot of Money.

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    Should really be in a museum something like that. I am saddened that there is alot of equipment and artifacts locked away in private collections never to be seen again.

    Fingers crossed this will not head the same way....
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    I think that in practice,that individual bomb aimers also used their own version of the Dann bombsight principle.I heard of one using lipstick on the perspex and another,using string placed across the perspex bubble as a target sight.

    But as said,it would be ideal if the Dann bombsight was displayed in an appropriate museum.
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    The "Dann" bomb sight was used to release the "bouncing bomb" which breached the Mohne dam

    A sight used to guide the "bouncing bomb" that breached the Mohne dam in the Dambusters raid of 1943 has sold at auction for £41,500.

    Towcester auctioneers J P Humbert sold the Dambusters wooden "Dann" bomb sight - which had an estimate of between £20,000 and £25,000.

    It was used during Operation Chastise, the raid on the Mohne, Edersee and Sorpe dams in May 1943.

    The Dambusters of the 617 Squadron flew from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire.

    The "Dann" bomb sight was designed by Wing Cdr C L Dann and was used by bomb aimer Pilot Officer John Fort on board the AJ-J, the fifth aircraft to attack the dam, piloted by Flt Lt David Maltby.

    It was the Barnes Wallis bouncing bomb guided by this sight which breached the Mohne dam and flooded the western Ruhr region.

    It was passed to David Maltby's father, Ettrick, after the raid and placed in the museum of prep school Hydneye House, East Sussex, which he owned and ran.

    When the school was sold in the mid-1950s it was passed onto the new head master and eventually to the current owner, a former pupil.

    The item was sold as part of an International Militaria Auction.

    J P Humbert sold a selection of Dambusters memorabilia

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    Thanks for the Information.

    It made quite a lot, but I wonder where it will end up.

    More than likely in a private collection only to be seen by few, mores the pity.


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